Patient’s age: 56-years-old
Admission Date: 10/21/19
Admitted From: Advent Health Tampa
Discharge Date: 11/19/19
Discharged To: Friend’s home
Length of Stay: 29 days
Reason for Stay: Subarachnoid hemorrhage (stroke)

Details of experience
Mrs. Ana Rodriguez was admitted from Advent Health Tampa for a stroke which resulted in bleeding between her brain and the tissue that covers it. Post hospitalization, she was admitted to The Bristol on 10/21/19.

Her therapists came to see her soon after arrival. It started out a bit challenging to work thoroughly with Ana, due to her confusion and easy distractions that came along with the stroke. Despite this, the patients and her therapists were anxious to get Ana on the road to recovery.

After evaluation, her results were NPO (feeding tube), mod assists for bathing, lower body dressing, & toileting. She also needed min assist for grooming and hygiene. Regarding her walking, she was mod assist with a 4-wheel walker. Her voice was also very weak and it was difficult to hear her clearly. Although she was in this difficult state, Ana always had the mindset of getting ready to leave and head out. She was also extremely determined to eat again.

Soon after evaluation, her therapists got to work with her. She started off slowly, due to often getting distracted and forgetting to lift her foot to try and walk. She also would do lots of standing exercises where she quickly increased her stamina and strength.

The progress was slow yet steady to begin, but Ana was beginning to get frustrated about her inability to eat, which certainly had to be challenging after enjoying food her whole life. In her second week of therapy, her speech therapist did an on-screen swallow study and saw the potential to start food and drink trials. They began with a honey-thick and puree trial, which proved successful, so they instituted intense speech therapy.

While working on her eating capabilities, Ana had also started making significant physical and occupational progress. Before the end of her second week, she was able to bring her legs up to do a complete lower dressing including pants, socks, and shoes!

After these things started to move extremely and shockingly quickly! In her last week and a half, her memory came back tremendously. She walked a complete balance beam back and forth and within a few days was COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT in less than a month! She also has a full voice now and can eat mechanical soft foods and drink nectar thick liquids while still thoroughly working towards a regular diet from her friend’s home.

We wish Ana more and more steady progress and good health from The Bristol and hope she will come to visit us soon for hugs and inspiration!