Getting Back On Your Feet

By Jillian Fessler, OTR/L, RAC-CT
National Director of Rehabilitation Services at CareRite Centers

There are many components to ensure that the short term rehabilitation process is successful; throughout the network, Physical Therapy often takes center stage. Physical Therapists are equipped with the skill set to examine a patient’s individual needs and then develop a plan of care using a variety of treatment techniques that help restore function and prevent disability. They can also help improve or restore mobility that may have been lost due to inactivity. Physical Therapists offer many benefits such as increased mobility/motion, elimination or reduction of pain, and can also aid in avoiding surgery.

There are many technical aspects to the Physical Therapy profession, however, in my opinion, the profession means so much more than just exercise and strengthening. The impact that a Physical Therapist can make on the life of someone is immense. For a person that has recently undergone a surgery, or has been diagnosed with a new life changing illness, a Physical Therapist is hope. Physical Therapists have a unique and powerful opportunity to help someone through some of the toughest times in their lives, by listening to what their goals are and helping them map out a plan to achieve them.

A Physical Therapist can guide someone to achieve those goals, even when they think those goals are impossible to achieve. A Physical Therapist can assist physically and apply manual techniques, but more importantly a Physical Therapist is a motivator and cheerleader for that person to push through the pain and difficulty, and achieve the impossible.

Throughout the CareRite Centers network, our Physical Therapy Teams are dedicated, caring, and they are constantly looking to provide the most innovative and cutting edge care to both the residents who stay with us short term after hospitalization, and our residents who reside in our communities; Physical Therapists strive to enhance their quality of life and independence.