2017 Testimonials

  • The Enclave at Port Chester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “I came to The Enclave following my hospitalization for a heart infection which weakened me to the point where I was bedridden and no longer able to function independently. The Rehabilitation team was phenomenal in encouraging me to work on gaining the strength to be able to walk and care for myself. Within a week of my admission, my therapists had me out of my wheelchair and walking with a rolling-walker. Along with my increasing strength, I became more independent and began dressing myself once again, no longer needing any assistance. I progressed to a cane and within a month was discharged back home with the ability to function entirely independently and walk without any assistance. The Rehab team is amazing and I am so appreciative with how quickly they got me back home. The nursing team was also extremely supportive of me, both physically and emotionally, which greatly enhanced my recovery at The Enclave.”

    – Sally R.

    The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation and Nursing at Rockville Centre

    “Living here has been a pleasure. The staff are always accommodating and provide assistance when I need it. My therapy team I work with every week has encouraged me to put my best foot forward and not get discouraged so easily. I’m making great progress and I’m glad I selected this place to help me with my growth.”

    – Mary B.

    Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

    “After spending thirty days in the hospital, I arrived at Jupiter Gardens for some extensive strengthening and physical therapy.  The therapy was excellent, Angela was awesome and after ten days here I am ready to go home, much stronger then when I arrived.  I am looking very forward to returning home, thanks to the incredible staff at Jupiter Gardens.”

    – Jennifer V.

  • Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

    “I love it here. I had a good time. The staff were excellent and I will be back if I ever need great therapy.”

    – Adeline S.

    The Grove at Valhalla Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “All my therapists are dependable, kind and helpful. I’m getting stronger!”

    – Grace F.

  • The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing Center

    “I feel better and better everyday and I think I am doing very well. The nursing staff have been exceptionally nice and caring and the therapists come in everyday and give me the encouragement I need to get back to myself. I enjoy the food and the lunch with the chef program they did, it made me feel like I went out for lunch.”

    – I. Depue

    The Enclave at Port Chester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “I came here from a different nursing home, after a short hospital stay, nervous for how long I would have to be away from home. The staff immediately made me feel comfortable and at home, welcoming me warmly, and reassuring me that they were there for my every need. I have to say I have no complaints about this place- only good things to say. Everyone was wonderful- all the nurses, aides, therapists and members of the staff were so nice and always available to help. They took great care of me and were focused on being able to get me back home. After two and a half months, I am heading home, much sooner than me or my family expected. I will miss you all!”

    – Jeannette P.

    The Grove at Valhalla Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “The Grove’s prompt attention to my needs and care is greatly appreciated. My special thanks to Radiance and the excellent rehab staff for helping me be able to walk again. Also special thanks to Laura and the recreational team for the daily programs they run. You all are phenomenal. Thanks to each and every one of you!”

    – Jennifer

    Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

    “It is a beautiful place here at Jupiter Gardens. The staff is great, therapy is good and I am feeling well enough, and much stronger, and ready to go home.”

    – Joan W.

  • The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

    “The Chateau is a wonderful community where all my needs are taken care of. The CNAs on the first floor are very compassionate, especially Ms. Carlswell who takes care of me in the morning and is very patient with me while helping me take care of all my needs. Erica, the nurse, is very well-spoken and has the great talent of being able to speak with me, always explaining what is going on with my health and making sure I understand it.”

    – Y. Herrera

    Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center

    “…Are amazing with getting our father’s mobility towards sustaining his independence. His PT sessions with Leslie and Scott is something he’ll forever cherish. They are very invested in his success and continue to help him regain his confidence. Their help will be instrumental in getting him to where he needs to be. They treat our father with the utmost care, respect, and dedication towards making him regain his weakened mobility. They encourage and applaud his successes, and treat him as if he were their own. For those we forgot to mention, we thank them all for the excellent patient-centric care our father continues to receive at Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center, which we attribute to the great leadership from you.”

    – V. Raol

    The Emerald Peek Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

    “I expected it [therapy] to be fast. I didn’t expect it to be this fast. You made me feel like I was the most important patient here. I am so very happy to be going home!”

    – R. Adams

  • The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

    “Having held a 30 year career in the field of nursing, rehab and assisted living, I found myself in March of 2017 on the other side of the admissions desk. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for helping my mother’s transition and transfer process seamless and incredibly comforting. My sisters and I were facing the daunting task of moving our 102 year old mother back to Brooklyn, the place where she had lived her earlier 100 years and wanted desperately to return. I found The Chateau at Brooklyn on line and proceeded to do my homework. I was so pleased to learn about the facility, its many services, amenities and sterling reputation. The staff, especially the nurses, rehab person, social workers and certified nursing assistants have been so attentive to our needs and my mother is receiving wonderful care and thriving at the young age of 102!

    Living in another state, some 250 miles away, any concerns and questions I may have about Mom’s progress and her health status are always met by return phone calls and reassurance from your professional nursing staff. On behalf of our family, I would like to acknowledge what an awesome community The Chateau at Brooklyn is and I wish you continued success in the future, and we thank you all again for the good works that you provide for so many.”

    – Lucille S.

    The Enclave at Port Chester Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

    “My husband Rafael came to The Enclave for rehab following his month long hospitalization for a stroke that impaired the left side of his body. He was admitted alert but unable to communicate and unable to walk or perform daily activities. An intense regimen of therapy from the interdisciplinary team over the course of 7 weeks, enabled Rafael to go home walking, unaided, and perform all activities of daily living with supervision. Not only were the Rehab and nursing teams caring and devoted, but staff members from all departments, including the kitchen, would offer help and encouragement throughout our time here. The warm atmosphere and supportive staff made us feel so cared for. What a great team.”

    – Family of Rafael O.

    St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

    “I want to give well wishes for the staff, nurses, and therapist here at St. James. They were all very good, and always put the patients first.”

    – T. Spengler

    The Emerald Peek Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

    “This has been a wonderful experience for me. I never imagined I could come so far, and I have all of you to thank for that. I would not be going home, the place I really want to be, without the amazing staff here at the Emerald Peek.”

    – D. Stairs

    The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation & Healing Center

    “When I arrived to The Riverside, I was assigned room 1204B and I noticed right from the beginning that the nurses were very efficient and were very good for this facility. From that moment, I knew that if I follow the regiment by taking my medication and doing the rehab with the amazing therapists, I would be fine and it would just be a matter of time. I now walk with a cane feeling so much better, and I am looking forward to gaining back my strength in the left side of my body. You have a state-of-the-art gym on the 15th floor so my goal is to go home feeling like a new person and never looking back again.”

    – Hutton

  • The Emerald Peek Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

    “I cannot wait to get home and make our garden as pretty as yours. I thought there for a while I would never be able to go outside again. Thank you for helping me get back to myself.”

    – Sarah L.

    The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

    “All of the staff here have been very friendly, anything that I needed or would ask of them, they would deliver. In general, all your staff seem to work very in sync. It’s amazing to see so many people working together as a team, and you guys have exceeded all of my expectations of a rehab facility!”

    – Louis L.

    St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

    “I cannot thank the many different workers here enough between the therapists, aides, nurses and administration. They always made me feel as if I were right at home, giving me the motivation, the ambition and the strength to carry on at St. James. The team here works so well together and they all have the goal of helping me become healthy again. I have to say, the concierge here is amazing. Christina is so helpful in every which way possible. Every time she came around she always had such a pleasant smile and such a positive attitude.”

    – Arnold L.

    Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center

    “I like Chatham Hills, I have been in care centers before, but there was no Linda (our activities director) like there is here! The food here is very good. The staff also has been really good; they smile and are friendly to you before they even know your name.”

    – Carol A.

  • Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center

    “My mother was at a different facility before Chatham Hills for rehabilitation and it did not work out. She was not able to walk and she was giving up on herself. We brought her here to try the rehabilitation program; it was a totally different experience. The staff and community here are happy, energetic and enthusiastic. The rehabilitation was able to get her walking again and now she is coming home! I will definitely use Chatham Hills for respite care in the future, and will recommend the facility to others.”

    – Kimberly D. 

    St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

    “My mother is a patient here for rehabilitation, and what everyone does here is absolutely amazing. From the nurses, to the aides, to all the therapists and activities that are offered here, I come every day and it is so nice to see how much my mother increases. I am St. James’ biggest advocate. I always tell people out in the community how great of a rehabilitation center this place is.”

    – Phil C. 

    The Willows at Ramapo Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

    “I have been here for a little bit now, and the staff here is wonderful. I am very happy I came here. I am now walking again, and it’s because of all the amazing staff here. The therapy and care here is great!”

    – Nelson

  • Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

    “The service here has been very good, from the nursing staff, the aides, therapy and the kitchen. I had been unable to walk independently for the past five months. In the two weeks that I have been here, I am now walking 300 feet plus independently and progressing rapidly. Jupiter Gardens has definitely exceeded my expectations.”

    – Steven D.

    The Willows at Ramapo Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “I have been in and out of different rehab facilities and this is the best I have ever been in. The staff do a great job and are very courteous. They have good activities if you want to participate. This place is a 5 star!”

    – Lisa

    The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “Compared to the other rehab centers I have stayed at before, this community has a pleasant atmosphere and attentive services. The staff keeps coming back to me just to check if I need anything. I’ve never had this type of experience in the past. The people here really do care about you!”

    – M. Lugo

    The Enclave at Port Chester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “I sleep comfortably at night, knowing that my husband is in good, caring hands. We are grateful for the continued support and compassion provided by the entire team, including the doctor, nurses and aides, who are devoted to ensuring all residents receive the best care.”

    – Family of T. L.

  • The Enclave at Port Chester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “I came to The Enclave to rehabilitate my fractured leg and I spent a couple of months with some wonderful people. My aides were really fantastic people who were always compassionate and respectful. My therapists, Robert and Collette, were excellent, gently encouraging me to get stronger. The medical team were extremely knowledgeable and I felt confident I was receiving the best possible care. I am thrilled to be back home and am grateful to the entire team at The Enclave who were so very kind to me in my time of need.”

    – Michael R.

    The Willows at Ramapo Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “My stay at The Willows has been a real surprise. The therapists are truly skilled and I’ve made great progress. I’ve seen improvement with the most challenging cases. The nurses on my unit are caring and courteous. My stay has also been meaningful and interactive with many of the people who work here, and I have enjoyed every moment of it.”

    – Ann M.

    Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing

    “The people that work with all of us are very caring and compassionate; very fantastic. I like that ya’ll offer church. They make physical therapy fun and very encouraging… there is a really nice concierge!”

    – Deborah H.

    St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

    “I love everyone here, I am trying my hardest to do everything that is asked of me through rehab. Everyone in rehab are so kind. I truthfully enjoy the many recreational activities here, such as tranquility hour; it is so peaceful and allows me to be in a positive state-of-mind. Thank you Team St. James for all that you do for me here, the staff couldn’t be more helpful.”

    – Ann W.

  • The Enclave at Port Chester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “When the hospital told me they were sending me to The Enclave, I had no idea what to expect since I had never heard of the place, but this was such a perfect fit for me. The staff here have gone above and beyond to make sure I have all the care I need. The aides and nurses were so caring and respectful, and the therapists were absolutely phenomenal. I have had such an amazing experience here and have no doubt in my mind that I am back to walking as quickly as I am because of the great care this team provided.”

    – Susan

    Cortlandt Healthcare

    “Overall, the experience was wonderful! The whole staff, as well as the aides, are really great and could not be nicer. I had such a lovely experience, and my physical therapy was fantastic; they are the best!”

    – S. Cotter

    Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center

    “After I took a hard fall off of my bicycle, I fractured my hip and elbow, and spent four days in the hospital hooked to an I.V. Unclear of the extent of my injuries, I was in need of compassionate care. The terrific people at Chatham Hills provided just that. I love it here. Everyone is super nice. Therapy really pushed me hard, which is what I wanted. I would like to thank all the caregivers here for helping me. As I transition back to life as usual, I will remember my time at Chatham Hills fondly and gratefully.”

    – Charlie H.

    The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “I was a little skeptical about admitting into a skilled nursing rehab center at first, however, it turned out to be a great experience. The employees at The Bristol were extremely nice and very helpful. I arrived at The Bristol after 6pm and someone from dietary arrived to my room with a meal, I melted. There was also a concierge to meet my needs! The therapists that walked me around the community were amazing. All I can say is that this place made me feel very welcome. Keep up the good work!”

    – R. Durant

  • Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing

    “Please share this with every staff member: You all have been such a blessing to us! Thank you for taking such good care of my husband, Jimmy. He was very sick and you all nursed him back to health; it is very much appreciated! Thank you and God bless!”

    – Rena S.

    The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation and Nursing at Rockville Centre

    “I am very happy with the services I am receiving here. All of the nurses are so nice; I really believe that due to the amazing rehab team, I will be going home earlier then expected!”

    – R. Soto

    The Emerald Peek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “Basically, you all saved my life, my wife’s life, and my marriage. This process has been so hard on her too; you saved a family.”

    – Michael D.

  • Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

    “I have been employed at The Rehabilitation Center at Jupiter Gardens for 5 years, and it has been a great experience thus far. My occupation entails overseeing the housekeeping of a designated unit. The first thing that I learned was no job is too difficult to overcome or too small to handle. We make a difference in the lives of the residents, that to me is all worth it.”

    – Melissa D.

    The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing Center

    “The Riverside has a great environment for employees, and they really care about our mental health and wellbeing. I especially love the fact that Urban Zen is available to the staff as well. There’s nothing like a little yoga/aromatherapy during a busy work day.”

    – Sara F.

    Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center

    “What I enjoy most about working here is how lovely my coworkers are and how eager they always are to lend a helping hand. It really brings me such joy to see the smiles on my residents faces everyday knowing that I am providing the best care possible for them.”

    – Stephanie D.

    The Enclave at Port Chester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

    “Working at The Enclave has been a privilege; I am in a position to care for people and improve their lives. I enjoy bringing smiles to both residents and families alike, which is so meaningful.”

    – Patricia

    Cortlandt Healthcare

    “’I love working in my capacity as Director of Social Services. I feel a sense of pride in the work I do because of the high expectation of excellence that Cortlandt Healthcare has and my ability to preform within that expectation. I love the autonomy that my position affords, such as problem solving and reaching within myself for solutions to assist others. I enjoy being helpful and working with my professional colleagues”

    – R. Gazzola