The Willows at Ramapo Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
“I have been at The Willows for almost a year and the experience has been great. The food is always on time and is delicious. The nursing staff always has a smile and is willing to go the extra mile. The aides are devoted and take amazing care of me. The therapists were patient and kind. I would highly recommend The Willows to everyone!” – Jean A.
Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center
“I think the physical therapy department at Chatham Hills is excellent! My physical therapist, Steve, and occupational therapist, Michelle, are both wonderful. I am so happy that my therapist Michelle chose me for the celebrity of the month this month! The nursing staff here are all nice, kind people, too. I’m improving every day thanks to everyone here.” – Muriel S.
Palmetto Subacute Care Center
“The patient care at Palmetto Subacute is amazing. From the moment I wake up, I’m being asked how I’m feeling and if everything is okay. The nurses and nurse aides are very patient and friendly. I started my physical therapy journey a week ago; it’s going great. I definitely feel much stronger now. I cannot wait to see my progress!” – Luisa D.
The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
“The Bristol is outstanding. I’ve been here for physical therapy after spending four months in the hospital for cancer surgery. I could not walk and in the four weeks that I’ve been here, I am able to do things 100% on my own. Physical therapy and occupational therapist, Darrell Thomas, and Fatima are very supportive. I’ve been to several other facilities and the Bristol has the best food by far. It has been three amazing weeks and everyone is very supportive and wants you to do your best. I recommend the Bristol to anyone who needs physical therapy. The physical therapist and occupational therapist can’t be beaten. I love them all.” – Bruce W.
Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing
“Upon arrival at Creekside Center, I met the concierge who welcomed me with a gift and made sure all my needs were met. She provided a cot for my daughter when I told her I wanted her to spend the night. Since then, she and all the staff have been very, very nice! I am pleased with my care and thankful for the therapy staff who proved that I could do much more than we ever thought possible.” – Mary D.
The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Nursing Center at Nesconset
“I have come so far here, which I didn’t think was possible after I left the hospital. I have made great, great strides thanks to the outstanding staff. Nivea asked if I felt like getting some air, and I walked down two flights of steps! It was an amazing feeling.”
The Grove at Valhalla Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
“I have never been to a nursing and rehabilitation center before and I was quite nervous to come here. All my fears prior to admission quickly melted away the second I arrived. The place is beautiful! The nursing team is exceptional and the rehab department is run so professionally! I am so happy I came here.” – Michael D.
Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
“Sans Souci has been a positive experience for me. The staff has been very kind and attentive to my needs throughout my stay. I thank everyone who took care of me during my stay.” – J. Santiago
Water’s Edge Rehab and Nursing Center at Port Jefferson
“I chose to stay at Water’s Edge for a second time because I knew that I could expect great care and wonderful therapy. I knew the people were good and recreation would be fun. Everyone does such a great job, it’s hard to pick just one person who stands out the most. I hope I don’t have to return, but if I ever have to, I’d always choose Water’s Edge.” – C. Morrison
The Paramount at Somers Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
“I had my first hip replacement in 1995. I thought I knew what it was all about until I came to The Paramount. Most times you don’t want to go for the therapy sessions, but here you look forward to it. The staff is absolutely wonderful. No matter where they see you they greet you with a smile and address you by name. I had such a great time in my sessions. Sometimes I laughed and sometimes I cried. I give kudos to the entire staff! I looked around for a long time for the right place and decided on The Paramount. I can honestly say that it is the best place that I could have chosen to get well. I will never forget my time here and truly appreciate everything that everyone has done to make me whole again.” – Virginia T.
Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center
“The thing that got me through was you just have to work hard. Steve is such a good therapist. I would definitely recommend Chatham Hills; I do not see any complaints here. They really cover all the basic things to make you feel better. Besides Steve, my therapists, Michelle, Sara, and Sue were great. They do all my arm exercises with me. Steve had a special walker for me and special leg exercises for me to do. I really feel that I am getting the full benefit from therapy here.” – Betty S.
Palmetto Subacute Care Center
“I’d like to thank you all for everything you guys do for me. To me, you guys are family. From the moment I arrived, I was welcomed with lots of love. At Palmetto Subacute Care Center, I feel loved and cared for. From the therapists, who have a lot of patience and have supported me, [and] the nurses and CNA’s, who have brought peace to me during this challenging time in my life.” – Bienvenido S.
Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
“I just want to say how much I appreciate the care and attention you are all giving to my Dad, Joseph Kunka, in these incredibly difficult times. My brothers and I have reached out to the staff so many times for help and updates, and everyone has been as responsive as possible. Take care!” – Matt K.
Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
“Thanks to all the healthcare workers, staff, rehab folks, and everyone who helps our seniors get through this difficult time. I’m in Arizona and can’t see or visit my mom. The staff arranged a video chat on their cellphones. If you have a loved one there, ask for a FaceTime or WhatsApp call. Thanks again to everyone for their dedication and hard work.” – Dori B.
Manchester Center for Rehabilitation and Healing
“Everyone at Manchester Center has been so kind and loving to my Mom! During this time, I know she is being well taken care of, even though I can’t visit (for her safety and all the other residents’ safety). Thank you ALL!” – Annette R.
Palmetto Subacute Care Center
“Words can’t describe how grateful I am for my friends and family here at Palmetto Subacute Care Center. They are keeping me safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. And despite a pandemic going on, they still managed to make my birthday one-of-a-kind by bringing out all [of] my church girlfriends. I had what they call a ‘window birthday’. Me in the facility, celebrating with my friends, who are on the other side of the window. This brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am also very thankful for the therapists who do exercises with me, and the nurses who take care of me. I thank you guys so much.” – R. Landrian
Nashville Center for Rehabilitation and Healing
“My overall experience has been great so far. I love this place and would recommend Nashville Center to a friend in a heartbeat. They take care of you and everything is so clean, and the medical staff is very sharp.” – Michael D.
Glengariff Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
“The building is conducive for healing. There was never a moment without a ‘Hello!’ from someone; it was so warm. It was like home to him. It was like home for us. Love came from everybody, not just the immediate care staff. Senior staff knew the patient’s names by heart. It was nothing short of a family. They showed flexibility to work with his clinical particularities; they adjusted their strategy because of those subtle and critical needs. I am his 24-hour nurse. People help us, but I am the team now. The Nursing staff at Glengariff made it possible for me to survive in my role at home. Pat and Susan were one (or two) of a kind! Their little tips and skillful advice are the lessons I recall and play in my head, even now. They sustain me. When we arrived at Glengariff, the Concierge staff, Antwan, walked us in and made us feel welcome, while Daniel helped us throughout our entire stay. When we left, we felt as if the whole of Glengariff walked us out into a new chapter, healthier and stronger than we ever expected.” – Brenda, wife of Frank E.
The Grove at Valhalla Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
“I would like to give a shout out to all of the staff at The Grove at Valhalla! I am so grateful for the wonderful care that my husband is receiving. Everyone is working diligently to keep the patients and the residents safe during this awful crisis. When I call there, I am treated with kindness and respect and consideration by whomever I speak to. A special shout out to Katie! I don’t know what anyone would do without her! She is kind and very giving of her time, answering the phones probably every 10 seconds and still remains positive and has the patience of a saint! Thank you Katie who goes above and beyond the call of duty! I appreciate everything that all of you are doing during this very challenging time.” – Donna C.
The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
“On behalf of my entire family, I’d like to thank the staff at The Chateau. When I spoke with my uncle’s cardiologist and informed them he tested positive for COVID-19, he asked how he was treated. Given my family member’s underlying conditions, the cardiologist was surprised my uncle was not hospitalized. I told him I strongly believe it was because [of the] measures of The Chateau. Early isolation and treatment is what I believe saved my uncle’s life.” – Amanda G.M.