May 2015 Star Testimonials


The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

“All I wanted to say is, all the staff in the rehabilitation department are so nice. They are very professional and caring. They educated me very well. Within 2 weeks, my legs definitely feel much stronger. Now I am practicing on a walker now. I feel great with their help.”
– H. Wong

Cortlandt Healthcare

“The staff at Cortlandt Healthcare are truly the best! From the moment I was admitted the nurses and therapists put me at ease and patiently answered all my questions. This warm environment and excellent care allowed me to reach my potential and go home safely.”
– E. Gray

Hospitality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing

“When I first got here, I was in bad shape. Now, on the day that I am leaving, I can walk around the whole entire building three times with Gretchen. Therapy really helped me and were very patient. I would give this place a twenty out of ten when rating it.”
– G. Mann

Ramapo Manor Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing

“The hospitality that you guys provided me while I was at Ramapo Manor was phenomenal. Everyone did such a great job of making sure that all of my needs were met.”
– E. Spina

St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

“I visit twice a week to volunteer. You guys have done so much for me, I come to volunteer to pay you guys back, and give the experience to others just like I had.”
-M. Doris