April 2015 Star Testimonials


Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing

“When it happened that I got hurt and had to get an operation so many thoughts went through my head. I wondered where would I go and who could I depend on. After my surgery the people at the hospital told me I needed to have rehab somewhere and that I didn’t have much time to choose a place to go for it. They told me about this building and others and I chose to come here. Though I was nervous and thought it would be a scary experience I did come in with hopes and expectations of getting better. I hoped the people here would help me to get better. Right when I came in everyone showed enthusiasm for me and encouraged me like they would a friend. Everything has been outstanding from the CNA’s right on up. Everyone performs their duties and are both kind and attentive. They really made me feel comfortable. This establishment is really 5 star. I’m very glad that I made the choice to come here for my therapy.”
– K. Eliou

The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

“I’ve lived here almost 20 years already. In the beginning I was here for a hip replacement, I couldn’t even walk in the past. I chose to stay here for this long because of the staff and environment. In my room, I can see the beautiful park across the street, also I met a lot of friends here. I just wanted to say I love it here.
– S. Mandour

St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

“I love this place, they got me stronger and on my feet so I can go home. The Creative Arts Therapy sessions were amazing for me. I learned how to breathe and calm myself, and how to develop my thoughts and feelings.”
– S. Zacharia

Cortlandt Healthcare

“I want to say that you have an excellent facility and a very qualified and caring staff. I am thinking particularly of the physical therapy who are extremely dedicated!”
– Katrina V.

Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center

“My time here at Chatham has been going pretty smoothly, I enjoy the wide variety of activities each day. Everyone here is so pleasant and it doesn’t matter who comes in my room, they all know exactly how to work with me and what my needs are.”
– J. Esser