April 2016 Star Testimonials

Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing

“I am on my second visit at Beeghly Oaks; the first time was due to having my leg amputated. I am so grateful for Dennis and Todd who conduct the Walking School Program because they are encouragers. Up and until I met them, I was feeling down, and now I am looking forward. Thank you.”

– M. Kramer

The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

“Your facility is really different from others. You have a lot of staff here to take care of my needs and you have Concierge service here. I only know there is concierge in a hotel, never heard of concierge in a nursing rehab center. I like your service, especially the warm towel and snacks. Before I came here, I told myself that I really don’t want to go to a rehab center, but I think I made a right choice.”

– J. Pang

The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing Center

“I feel like a million dollars and I attribute that to the wonderful amazing staff here at The
Riverside. The staff are attentive, caring, right on point and knowledgeable. They all make me feel right at home even though I am not and this has really helped him heal and feel better about myself.”

– R. Ortiz

Ramapo Manor Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

“I came to Ramapo Manor for the Pulmonary Rehab program. After months of illnesses I could not walk, I was on four liters of oxygen and I was so weak I could not do anything without losing my breath. Joe the Respiratory Therapist and Eileen from PT got me walking again and reduced my oxygen. I felt so much better to be able to breathe and control my anxiety; they gave me a second chance to return to my life again. I can’t thank the Ramapo Pulmonary Rehab team for all their support, making getting better fun and believing in me.”

– G. Palumbo

Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

“The moment I was admitted at Sans Souci, I was treated very well. The entire staff was caring and compassionate. The Physical Therapy department was great. Recreation went above and beyond for me and my family and I am so appreciative. Even now that I am discharged I am invited back to do Rosary with the Residents every Wednesday! Thanks so much for making Sans Souci my home away from home.”

– V. Torres