August 2018 Star Testimonials

Nashville Center for Rehabilitation and Healing

“I’m always happy! It’s hard to be anything but happy in a place like this. Everyone is always so nice; it’s bright and full of life here!”

– Jon

Cortlandt Healthcare

“Overall, my experience was excellent! I like it here, it has been so pleasant! The nurses and aides treat me very well, and therapy – I love it! They help me achieve all my goals and there is no slacking off there; trust me, I tried! Everything is so nice and it is a clean environment. It is so cheerful and the community makes you feel at ease; it is so beautiful!”

– E. Tinsley

St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

“I am feeling so much better since I came in last week. I am enjoying therapy and I am so grateful for what everyone does here for the patients. I would definitely recommend this place.”

– Patricia M.

The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation and Nursing at Rockville Centre

“I find that in this community, the staff are very responsive to their patients. The PT and OT staff are fantastic!”

– Gail B.

The Emerald Peek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

“This is incredible! I cannot believe The Emerald Peek is doing this all for me. It really does feel like I graduated. I am very grateful to you all for getting me back on my feet. This team is great.”

– Michael L.