June 2017 Star Testimonials

The Emerald Peek Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

“I cannot wait to get home and make our garden as pretty as yours. I thought there for a while I would never be able to go outside again. Thank you for helping me get back to myself.”

– Sarah L.

The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

“All of the staff here have been very friendly, anything that I needed or would ask of them, they would deliver. In general, all your staff seem to work very in sync. It’s amazing to see so many people working together as a team, and you guys have exceeded all of my expectations of a rehab facility!”

– Louis L.

St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

“I cannot thank the many different workers here enough between the therapists, aides, nurses and administration. They always made me feel as if I were right at home, giving me the motivation, the ambition and the strength to carry on at St. James. The team here works so well together and they all have the goal of helping me become healthy again. I have to say, the concierge here is amazing. Christina is so helpful in every which way possible. Every time she came around she always had such a pleasant smile and such a positive attitude.”

– Arnold L.

Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center

“I like Chatham Hills, I have been in care centers before, but there was no Linda (our activities director) like there is here! The food here is very good. The staff also has been really good; they smile and are friendly to you before they even know your name.”

– Carol A.