October 2015 Star Testimonials

Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center

“I just want you and the rest of the staff to know that I thought very highly of the care you gave my father while he was at your facility. The staff is top-notch: professional, available, friendly and caring. You all were very helpful in responding to our needs and I would recommend your facility to others.”

C. Baker, Patient’s Family

Willows at Ramapo Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

“This program was very helpful to me. My breathing has gotten so much stronger. When I started this program, I wasn’t even able to walk and I was getting 4 liters of oxygen around the clock. When I finished the program, I was only getting 2 liters of oxygen daily and I am now walking on my own! This program is the reason I am able to head back to Peru to see my friends and family. The therapists showed me a lot of different breathing exercises and techniques that I can use while I am at home. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone who has trouble breathing.”
– L. Espinoza

The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

“This is my home. Not only is the nursing department great, but also the Recreation Department is amazing. I can feel that I am part of the family. I met a lot of friends in here and I never feel bored. Thank you all.”
– K. Yu