Case Study: Beeghly Oaks Center For Rehabilitation & Healing (August 2015)

Patients Age: 80
Admission Date: July 21, 2015
Admitted From: SEBD
Discharge Date: August 07, 2015
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 17 Days
Reason for Stay: COPD
How did this patient hear about Beeghly Oaks? Carol Ziegler

T. Markovich arrived at our facility on 7/21/15 with diagnoses of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, atrial fibrillation, and vertebrae fracture. He was accompanied by his loving wife, Mary. During his stay, the Markovich’s celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary together. Laughingly, Mr. Markovich said that he didn’t think he would see another 55 years with her. Mr. Markovich was on oxygen from the date of his admission but the nursing staff was able to wean him off of the oxygen before discharge. T. Markovich’s ultimate goal was to return home to his yard work and his grandchildren. Through his hard work he was able to accomplish his goals.
-John Kraft, RN, DON

Mr. Markovich’s goal was to return home with family. Prior to hospitalization, he was independent at home. Upon admission to Beeghly, he was weak overall (upper and lower extremities) and had a pain level of 7/10 in his rib cage /back area. He needed assist for all ADL’s and tranfers and able to walk only 40 feet with a walker. After just two weeks o rehab, Mr. Markovich’s pain decreased to a 3/10 and increased his strength which permitted him to perform all activities of daily living without assistance and decreased fall risk. He left the facility and was able to walk over 200 feet with increased balance and safety to return home safely.
-Rose Stefl, Therapist

During his stay at our community I had the honor of working with Concierge, Carol Zeigler, in the planning of a romantic dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Markovich’s 55th wedding anniversary. The room was staged with flowers, soft music, a dinner table set for two with linen and food from the Olive Garden was served to the couple in his room. They were so appreciative of the extra effort put forth to help make there day a very special day even in his circumstances.
-Michelle Burton, ADCRecreational Activity Director

It was the pleasure of Beeghly Oaks dietary staff to serve Mr. Markovich during his time at Beeghly; he enjoyed the food and especially loved the soup
Kara A. Van Horn, CDM CFPP, Food Service Director

Social Services:
Patient was admitted to our facility on July 21, 2015. He made great strides towards his goal of gaining strength for his upcoming surgery with our rehabilitation department, remove his current need of oxygen and return home. He managed to accomplish these goals in 17 days.
His social history includes 55 years of marriage to his beautiful wife, Mary, and their children, his 3 year experience in the Army Airborne Division, and his career history as a millwright.
He enjoys spending his time in the garden, attending YSU football and baseball games, and hanging out with his grandchildren.
Tiffany Straley, BSW

I received a phone call one evening from my friend Peg who is married to him asking if I thought Beeghly would be a good place for him to go to for Rehab. Without a breath, I said yes, this is the only place for him to go. They were very pleased from the moment he arrived; very pleased with the Care, Therapy, Dietary and the whole staff. Both Mr. and Mrs. Markovich enjoyed their Anniversary dinner and the Summer Concerts. We at Beeghly are so fortunate to work for a wonderful company that really enhances lives.
-Carol Zeigler, Concierge