Case Study: Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (July 2015)

Patients Age: 68
Admission Date: June 05, 2015
Admitted From: Cleveland Clinic
Discharge Date: July 16, 2015
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 41 Days
Reason for Stay: Pelvic Pain- Blood Clots
How did this patient hear about Beeghly Oaks? Familiar with the Beeghly name since he is from this area.

Patient was a 68 year gentlemen from New Middletown, Ohio who arrived at our facility on 6/5/15 for therapy. He had a diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, diabetes, and a history of colon cancer. After six weeks of physical and occupational therapy he was able to return home with his son on 7/16/15. He was truly one of the kindest and friendliest residents that I have ever encountered. He enjoyed his stay here at Beeghly Oaks and was able to meet his goal of returning home.
-John Kraft, RN, DON

Patient presented Beeghly Oaks with multiple complications medically. He progressed to Independence and was able to return to his home environment safely. He worked very hard in all of his Therapy disciplines. We will absolutely miss his happy and pleasant disposition.
-Rose Stefl, Therapist

Patient was admitted for short term rehab, attending daily activities of choice and initiating self directed activities of choice. He especially enjoyed Bingos, parties, socials and various other activities. During his stay in our community he went on several outings with the activity department to local restaurants and shopping centers. It was a pleasure to bring a smile to his face during his stay in our community.
-Michelle Burton, ADCRecreational Activity Director

Patient shared with me that the Staff was so nice and took good care of him. The Therapy was excellent and he really appreciated it. He is such a joy to talk with, enjoyed Recreation Therapy Services, and felt the 72 hour Follow Up was very informative and liked that his son Bill was involved.
-Carol Zeigler, Concierge