Case Study: Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (March 2015)


Patient Age: 62 yrs
Admission Date: 12-01-14
Admitted From: SEMC
Discharge Date: 3-20-15
Discharged to: Home
Length of Stay: 109 days
Reason for Stay: Acetabular FX secondary to falling
How did this Patient hear about Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation & Healing? SW at hospital gave a list and he chose Beeghly that is close to him.

Nursing: Mr. Phillip Leyman arrived at Beeghly Oaks on 12/1/14. He had diagnosis of a right acetabulum fracture and was non weight bearing. The acetabulum is where the femur and the pelvis meet. His fracture occurred due to a traumatic fall on an icy surface at home. He endured over 3 months of intense rehabilitation gradually progressing his to meet his goals. On March 20th he was able to return home by walking out of the facility with only the help of a walker. Mr. Leyman will be missed here at the facility but we are elated that he was able to return home and wish him well in the future.

John Kraft RN DON

Therapy: Mr. Leyman, 62 y/o, admitted to Beeghly Oaks on December 1, 2014 after hospital stay for an acetabular fracture secondary to falling. Per orthopedic recommendation patient was Toe Touch Weight Bearing right lower extremity at this time for three months without surgical procedure due to minimal displacement and limited mobility to history of CP. He also presented with decreased overall strength/endurance, decreased balance, decreased safety with functional transfers, decreased self care activities, and decrease dynamic standing balance placing patient at risk for falling, decline in function and increased dependency upon caregivers.
After three months of strict Toe Touch Weight Bearing, patient followed up with orthopedic doctor, he was placed on Partial Weight Bearing for two weeks and progressing to Full Weight Bearing on affected leg. Patient progressed well to where he was ambulating at front wheeled walker in excess of 200 feet at a Supervision level because of his CP. Upon discharge to home, he was functioning at a supervisory level with all of his self care activities, functional transfers with good safety awareness, good strength and activity tolerance. Home therapies were recommended to maximize his potential and safety with in his home.

John Hovanic, Therapy Mgr.

Activities: Mr. Leyman was very active in all of our programs and shared so much; he was part of the family. Mr. Leyman enjoyed Bingo, Super Bowl, and of course all of the parties. We will certainly miss him and we are thankful for all of his support; looking forward to his visits to see us all.

Michelle Burton, Recreational Therapy Director

Dietary: Philip was very helpful in helping to create new menu selections a Beeghly; he attended food committee and gave feed back that is helpful for Beeghly to grow. Phillip was influential in food discussions for Activity’s parties, and most of all, he was our very own food critic/chef.

Kara VanHorn, food Services Mgr.

Concierge: Phillip Layman was such a great guy; he was always so positive and a joy to all

Carol Zeigler, Concierge

Patient gave consent for story to be shared