Case Study: Beeghly Oaks Center For Rehabilitation & Healing (September 2015)

Patient Age: 72
Admission Date: 7/18/15
Admitted From: St. Elizabeth Boardman Campus
Discharge Date: 9/2/15
Discharged to: Home
Length of Stay: 47 days
Reason for Stay: Hypokolemia
How did this Patient hear about Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation & Healing?
Shannon, SW at the hospital

Patient came to us for balance, problem solving and memory. She worked very well with our Speech Therapist Danielle and was able to return to her home. Physical and Ocupational Therapy worked with her and focused on improving awareness. Patient was a delight to work with, and it was so nice to see the great support from her husband.

Shannon Blissenbaugh, PTA
Director of Therapy

What a pleasure it was to work with Patient during her stay in our community for rehabilitation. On admission was given an activity calendar and with a positive outlook decided to make the most of her rehabilitating days here at Beeghly Oaks. She attended daily activities of choice and accepted materials for self directed activities of choice after hours. She especially enjoyed the summer concerts, special events, parties/socials, bingos and various other activities. She also insisted on not only attending the events but took pride in assisting with the set or clean up of various activities when tolerated. It was delightful to see her not only enjoy the socialization but build strength off of the empowering activities that were offered during her stay with us.

Michelle Burton, Recreational Therapy Director

Patient was very active in food committee and participated in the shaping of Beeghly’s menus. She was always on the go and with that being said, we were able to create a grab and go style menu for her. She and her husband Don dined with us frequently. In addition to helping with the menu, she was also very influential on the structuring of our supplements for someone who is so active.

Kara VanHorn, Food Services Manager

Social Services:
Patient was a pleasant woman to work with. We would converse daily about her stay, her activities, and her progress. She was able to leave the facility in an improved state in which she did not need any equipment that would impede her independence. She was a treat to our facility.

She was a great Resident; she was extremely friendly and I so enjoyed our talks. She is really a creative person and enjoyed helping us to prepare for the Community Bingo. Way to go!

Carol Zeigler, Director of Concierge Services

Patient gave consent for her story to be shared