Case Study: Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation & Healing Center (August 2016)

Patients Age: 52
Admission Date: 7/20/16
Admitted From: St Joe’s Hospital
Discharge Date: 8/17/2016
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 31 Days
Reason for Stay: Above Knee Amputation
How did this patient hear about Beeghly Oaks Center? Her friend Maureen is the Director of Recreational Activities.

Details of Experience:


Bobbette came to Beeghly Oaks with a lot of challenges and a great attitude. It was very nice to meet her and she embraced everything we told her and everything she needed to do. On behalf of Nursing, I want to thank Bobbette for choosing Beeghly Oaks; she was a true inspiration.

Lisa Spring, D.O.N.


As related to her historic personality and interest levels, Bobbette, a super charged individual, excelled in all scheduled and non-scheduled social gatherings at Beeghly Oaks during her short rehabilitation stay. A tribute to Bobbette’s career as a Quality of Life assistant for many years, her daily participation in groups reflected a true understanding on how quality of life involvements will forward health and healing. Highly motivated by motivating others, easily she overcame and adapted her own health challenge as minor difficulty to face in the scheme the sacredness of life. Bobbette attended all recreation programs and even lead many groups during her stay at Beeghly. As a true inspiration, she also reached out to other rehabilitation patients to engage, attend and have fun! Bobbette’s infectious laughter filled our social group gatherings with enthusiasm and the warmth of her giving heart inspired the Beeghly community greatly. Although from Newton Falls, Bobbette’s has a network of support, her daughters, grandchildren and friends who visited her daily. Bobbette will be soon be visiting CareRite’s Beeghly Oak’s Walking School to continue physical therapy training with her new prosthetic leg.

Maureen McCarty, Director of Recreational Therapy

Social Services:

Bobbette always had a smiling face, and was very involved in the many activities happening in the facility. She was constantly cheering others up and making friends with all of the residents. She enjoyed her stay in the facility and we loved her company!

Sarah Bowen, Social Services


Bobbette is an absolutely positive woman who has accepted her amputation as a challenge to beat. I introduced her to Dennis and Todd and they shared their story and Walking School with her. They realized her determination and are so excited for her. Bobbette is spunky in a good way and I believe nothing will stand in her way. I, so enjoyed meeting her and felt so lifted every time we chatted. God Bless Bobbette and it was a pleasure to meet her.

Carol Zeigler, Director of Concierge Services