Case Study: Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation & Healing Center (December 2017)

Patient Agee: 61
Admission Date: 10/10/17
Admitted From: St. Elizabeth Boardman, Ohio Campus
Discharge Date: 12/16/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 100 days
Reason for Stay: Falls, Acute Renal Failure, End Stage Renal Disease, Bi-lateral heel ulcers
How did this patient hear about Beeghly Oaks Center? The Social Worker at the hospital gave her a list of Rehab places and Brenda chose Beeghly

Ms. Brenda Stewart, who wanted to be called “Jeannie”, arrived at Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on October 10, 2017 from an inpatient hospitalization stay at St. Elizabeth Boardman Campus, Youngstown, Ohio. Jeannie arrived at Beeghly Oaks due to a medical decline with generalized weakness requiring therapeutic intervention. Prior to being admitted to the hospital, Jeannie lived an independent lifestyle in her home environment.

Jeannie was warmly greeted by multiple professionals of Team Beeghly whom anticipated her arrival. Within the first 24 hours, she was greeted by clinicians, therapists, physicians, the administrative staff and many other valued members of the team to welcome her and answer any questions she may have had. Her therapists, Kevin and Debbie began her therapy program at bedside to evaluate her current state of health and mobility in conjunction with her most recent therapy/clinical notes from St. Elizabeth Hospital. Jeannie was non-weight bearing due to bilateral lower extremities due to heel wounds. After weeks of therapy emphasizing on core strength and lower extremity strength to improve transfers, Jeannie began progressing towards ambulation and dynamic balance activities with no physical assist needed.

Suzanne Valenti, RN, ADON said Jeannie is a true Beeghly success story. When Brenda arrived at our community, she was unable to tolerate even the slightest amount of movement and was totally dependent on staff for all of her care needs. She was a bariatric dialysis dependent resident that had severe anxiety with every motion.

As the weeks went on, she became more comfortable and trusting of our nursing staff and her anxiety level slowly dissipated. Jeannie overcame many physical barriers, but through her hard work in therapy, dialysis treatments, and nursing support, she was able to shed over 160 pounds. This enabled her to assist with her own care and participate in activities of daily living. She progressed to the point that she was able to be discharged home with the support of her family and home health services. Ms. Brenda Stewart’s transformation was nothing short of remarkable. We here at Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing were thrilled with her success and wish her continuing progress at home. Bless you and thank you for choosing Beeghly!

“Jeannie was such a pleasure to work with!!! She attended cooking and baking classes as well as getting manicures while here. Jeannie was an absolute joy to be around, we will miss you!”

– Traci McCoy, Recreation Director

“It was truly exciting to see how Jeannie blossomed and I really enjoyed visiting and talking with her. Jeannie was so grateful to Rose, Dynetta, Kevin & Dean from Therapy for their encouragement and push that they gave her daily. She told me thanks to her STNA’s Michelle, JoAnn, and Phyllis for your care and compassion. The nurses were all wonderful, helpful, and too many to name. Jeannie said the food was good and she will give Beeghly Oaks a 10; keep doing Team Beeghly what you are doing! To you Ms. Jeannie, you keep on doing what you are doing and may all of your wishes come true!”

– Carol Zeigler, Concierge

On December 16, 2017 Jeannie discharged, and her ambulation increased to 70 plus feet with a wheeled walker and performing safe transfers and was ready to return home with her family. Kami and the social services team at Beeghly also arranged for Jeannie to receive continued clinical support though Ohio Living Home Health Services as she transitioned back home.