Case Study: Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation & Healing Center (September 2016)

Patients Age: 54
Admission Date: 7/1/16
Admitted From: St. Elizabeth’s Main Campus
Discharge Date: 9/17/2016
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 78 days
Reason for Stay: Fractured Left Fibula with external fixator.
How did this patient hear about Beeghly Oaks Center? Maureen McCarty, Recreation Director.

Details of Experience:


Mr. Signor came to us on 7/1/16 with a Left Fibula Fracture. Mr. Signor consistently displayed perseverance and a positive attitude toward his goals. He continued to meet his goals on a weekly basis all the while being pleasant with the staff and cheering on the other residents; he was a pleasure to be around. Mr. Signor made a successful discharge home on Sept. 17, 2016. Mr. Signor has visited our community since his discharge to encourage the residents and to thank the staff for their assistance in his recovery.

Lisa Spring, D.O.N.


Mr. Signor arrived here at Beeghly Oaks in July 2016 with a left fibula fracture and was non-weight bearing on that leg. He was very limited in his ability to perform daily activities and transfers without extensive assistance from care givers. He participated in physical and occupational therapy daily and was very motivated to achieve his goals in order to return home at an independent status as he was prior to this accident. He strived to make gains every week and continued to impress us with his strength and determination. He was able to walk, transfer himself, and perform all of his daily activities when he left our facility and returned home September 18, 2016. Great job David……it was a pleasure to work with you!

Shannon Blissenbach, Director of Rehabilitation


It was a great privilege to care for a long time friend of mine; I’ve known Scott for over 15 years. He lives an extraordinary life of service as a Pastor, and foster parent. Reconnecting with Scott at Beeghly was a great pleasure. Scott’s love for people, humor, and big heart became an integral part of our days in our community. The recreation department’s programs became an addition to his therapy routine. Scott’s participation in groups and one to one fostered strong connections with people; his peers, staff, residents and families at Beeghly Oaks enjoyed his leadership as well as his company. The recreation department became a tool that lifted and sustained his rehabilitation and putting his giving nature to work in groups, encouraged him during a challenging time away from home. It was a pleasure caring for this forever Beeghly friend!

Maureen McCarty , Recreational Therapy Director


David was an amazing man with such positivity and energy that transmitted to everyone who met him. David was quite the joker; nothing would get him down. Thank you David for choosing Beeghly Oaks; we look forward to your visits.

Jeanette Loggins, Food Service Director


Thank you David for choosing Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. You are certainly a great example of making it happen. David has the most positive attitude and is just amazing to talk to. Thank you David for being a Puzzler; you brought so much fun to that event as well as other activities.

Carol Zeigler, Director of Concierge Services