Case Study: Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation & Healing Center (january 2016)

Patients Age: 79
Admission Date: 11/7/15
Admitted From: St. Elizabeth Main Campus Hospital
Discharge Date: 12/11/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 35 Days
Reason for Stay: LLE Pain
How did this patient hear about Beeghly Oaks Center?
A friend of her mom was here and they were very pleased with everything.
Details of Experience:


Nursing:    Mary came to Beeghly in a lot of pain in her lower back and right lower extremity.  We worked to manage her pain so she would be able to have therapy.  In spite of her pain, Mary was always very sweet and never complained.  We are happy that Mary was able to return home with her son.  God Bless you and thank you Mary for allowing us to care for you. 

Holly Seabolt, D.O.N.

Therapy:  Mary demonstrated poor balance and was limited by pain in lower back and right lower extremity when performing all functional tasks and only able to walk short distances (10 feet)   With training with all functional mobility tasks, muscular strengthening exercises, balance training, and pain modalities, Mary was able to walk with FWW 150 feet with contact assistance and perform all functional mobility tasks with supervision.   Mary still was limited by pain; however with home health care and surgery she will be able to return to prior level.  Mary was pleasant to work with and was always willing to participate.  Mary returned home

Sarah Kay, Therapist

Activities:   Mary was just a sweet lady and we sure did enjoy visiting with her.  Mary was independent socially and kept busy with many visitors.  

Michelle Burton, Recreational Therapy

Concierge:  Mary was an absolute delight; so very friendly and enjoys life and her family.  I enjoyed talking with Mary and she shared so many wonderful things about cooking and family; such a wonderful lady.

  • Carol Zeigler, Director of Concierge Services