Case Study: Heritage Center for Rehabilitation and Specialty Care (June 2016)

Concierge Director: Barbara Rump
Patients Age: 60
Admission Date: 2/23/16
Admitted From: Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Columbus, Ohio
Discharge Date: 6/28/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 4 months
Reason for Stay: Non-Traumatic Intracereberal Hemorrhage, Acute Respiratory Failure, Specified aftercare
How did this patient hear about Heritage Center? She is from a town in this area of Ohio and her daughter also worked here as a Nursing Assistant.

Details of Experience:

Patient was admitted to Heritage Center for Rehabilitation and Specialty Care from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. She had been at OSU University Hospital for months before she came to Heritage. She presented with, dysphagia, muscle weakness, Cerebral infarction, unable to speak, dysphagia. Her first month here was very slow going physically as well as emotionally. She came to Heritage with a gastric tube for feeding because she had dysphagia. She had to be transferred by Hoyer lift. She had to relearn how to walk, talk, and get her strength back with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. She had gone through depression, mood swings and many other emotional “ups & down” during her recovery. She was encouraged everyday by the nursing staff, physical therapy staff and all the team members at Heritage Center, including her family & friends during her stay here.

She was, for the most part, restricted to bed or in a wheel chair for mobility because of the fall risk associated with her diagnosis and physical condition. Physical Therapy started in her room with strengthening exercises, primarily for her legs and core body. She finally progressed in physical therapy going from her wheelchair to standing full weight bearing, to walking with assistance down the hallway. She then improved to a level of minimal to moderate assistance from a short distance to walking with a walker at a modified level of independence and assisted daily living care.

When I spoke with her she had a lot to be thankful for getting her life back and living everyday to the fullest. She now goes on outings with her family for the day. She is also planning vacations with her husband in the near future, with a possible trip to England to visit her family when they move there. She had a recent home visit with her therapist to see how well she will be able to do the daily living tasks and also what help she may need to initially start out with living at home again.

She has a lot of gratitude and appreciation for all of the help and care she has received during her 4 month stay,she has had here at Heritage Center for Rehabilitation & Specialty Care. She knows she could not have done it alone.

It is a pleasure to see her doing so well. She has a great outlook on life and a positive outlook and determination to continue to improve each day, which has helped her through all of this. She has been discharged as of today 6-28-16 at 10:45 a.m. and has given me positive feedback on the entire team of the care she has received here at Heritage Center.