Case Study: Heritage Center for Rehabilitation & Specialty Care (December 2015)

Patients Age: 48
Admission Date: 12/9/15
Admitted From: OSU
Discharge Date: 12/30/15
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 21 Days
Reason for Stay: Fall/Traumatic Brain Injury
How did this patient hear about Heritage Center?Mother wanted him here since she worked/from Minster area.

Details of Experience:
When we first received this referral, we were a little skeptical of admitting since he was so young and had brain injuries. He was admitted on the 9th of December and was an extremely interesting patient of ours. Since he was so young we were able to connect with him right away. He was extremely frustrated and stubborn when he was first admitted; by the time he went home he was the happiest guy out there. He had to participate in all three therapies everyday and when he had his bad days of showing no progress it only frustrated him more. Our Physical Therapist, Jo, was extremely patient with him and she knew exactly how to talk to him. She reassured him every step of the way and kept every Therapy activity fun and new so he wouldn’t grow bored of relearning how to do everyday things. She also made sure she consistently told him that when doing these activities and “graduating” each obstacle he is closer to going home. This gentleman never smiled while he was here and today was the first day I have gotten to see him smile. He was overcome with joy that he was able to go home and join the “real” world again right before the New Year. He thanked everyone for being so kind and patient with him and he was extremely appreciative of everyone that had to work hands on with him.