Case Study – Heritage Center (July 2015)

Patients Age: 68
Admitted From: St. Ritas
Discharge Date: 8/14/15
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 16 days
Reason for Stay: Liver Cancer–rehab
How did this patient hear about Heritage Center?From a friend

This resident heard about us from a camp site he use to own and heard great things about us. Wife wanted him extremely bad. When he first went to the hospital he was on the liver transplant list and as he stayed at the hospital they took him off due to being too weak and sick. Reason for coming to Heritage was for the rehab to get him stronger so he can get back on the list. He was extremely please with our therapy team for pushing him, yet being extremely patient with him. He like the nursing staff for all the care that he received. His wife was extremely pleased with the fact that every time she had a question it was answered right away or we found the person she needed to talk to about the question. She was happy to see everyone keeping a smile on their face and how everyone see extremely pleasant.