Case Study: Heritage Center for Rehabilitation and Specialty Care (August 2016)

Concierge Director: Barbara Rump
Patients Age: 80
Admission Date: 8/10/16
Admitted From: Wilson Memorial Hospital
Discharge Date: 8/14/16
Discharged To: Unknown
Length of Stay: 4 days
Reason for Stay: Rt. Hip Fracture
How did this patient hear about Heritage Center? Was here previously, in 2012. She has also been a long time volunteer here at Heritage Center.

Details of Experience:

This resident’s original admission date was 11/23/2012 when she was admitted with a sprain left hip and was here for rehabilitation. She has also been a long time volunteer here at Heritage Center.

She was recently admitted on 8/14/16 for a hip fracture of her right hip, which occurred outside of the Doctors office when she was there to get checked for the pain in her left hip. She was sent to Wilson Hospital Emergency room and she then came back to Heritage Center for rehabilitation, actually on the same day she had been discharged 8-14-16. She was so happy with her previous care that she is here with us again, for a short term stay for rehabilitation of her right hip here at Heritage Center.

She is making progress with the Physical Therapy and is glad to have such a wonderful team of therapist to get her walking again. It is the good care at Heritage Center she is getting and the determination she has to get better that keeps her going every day, so she can return home and live independently. Heritage Center feels very familiar to her because she is a long time volunteer here.
It feels like part of her family and she knows everyone so well. She feels at home here!