Case Study: Heritage Center for Rehabilitation and Specialty Care (December 2016)

Concierge Director: Barbara Rump
Patients Age: 70
Admission Date: 12/22/16
Admitted From: Wilson Memorial Hospital – BHU
Discharge Date: Unknown
Discharged To: Unknown
Length of Stay: 8 Days
Reason for Stay: Long Term Care
How did this patient hear about Heritage Center? Referred by the Social worker at Wilson Memorial Hospital to Heritage Center.

Details of Experience:

Kathleen K. arrived to Heritage Center in seek of long term care to provide safety & support for her dementia diagnosis. Prior to admitting, she had stayed at other long term care facilities and thus was hesitant on admitting to another as her intentions were to return home. The team at Heritage Center provided reassurance that she could reach incredible outcomes and comfort while at Heritage. During her tenure she has enjoyed a wide-range of therapeutic recreational programming and warm support from the interdisciplinary team. We look forward to continue serving Kathleen in the future. Welcome to the Heritage Family!