Case Study: Heritage Center for Rehabilitation and Specialty Care (November 2016)

Concierge Director: Barbara Rump
Patients Age: 67
Admission Date: 11/21/16
Admitted From: Wilson Memorial Hospital
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: TBD
Length of Stay: 7 Days
Reason for Stay: Physical Therapy to regain her strength back before having surgery
How did this patient hear about Heritage Center? Previous resident at Heritage Center in 2015

Details of Experience:

This resident was here for a previous stay at Heritage Center in 2015. She has returned to our community for therapeutic services to assist her in gaining independence. She will be at Heritage Center to regain her strength and stamina, to prepare for back surgery, which she anticipates of having in the near future. The patient shared that chose to come back to Heritage Center because she thought it was very nice & she liked the people that worked here, along with the great care she received during her stay. When asked how her stay was during this time, she shared that she was really appreciative and satisfied with her private rehabilitation room. “The room is very comfortable, and I will enjoy my stay here even more because of it!” She would like to thank the Team at Heritage Center for all that they do on a daily basis in ushering her healing goals!

-K. H.