Case Study: Hospitality Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (December 2016)

Patients Age: 92
Admission Date: 10/3/16
Admitted From: Greene Memorial Hospital
Discharge Date: 12/5/16
Discharged To: Elmcroft Assisted Living
Length of Stay: 2 months, 2 days
Reason for Stay: Weakness and Fatigue
How did this patient hear about Hospitality? Hospital Referral

Details of Experience:

Jean was admitted to Hospitality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on October 3rd, 2016. Upon admission, Jean required assistance and supervision for her activities of daily living and care. She also required assistance with bed mobility and transfers. Jean experienced difficulty with utilizing her lower extremities; her goal was to be able to find placement in an assisted living facility. As shared by Jean, her goal for therapy was, “to be able to take care of myself, work on walking and build leg strength.”

Jean received occupational and physical therapy six times per week during her stay at Hospitality Center. Within a few weeks of her therapy program, she was independent in caring for herself and was subsequently independent in ambulating, which increased her quality of life. As shared by Rob, her physical therapist, “she was a very motivated patient; we worked on getting her endurance and confidence up.”

When Jean first arrived to the Hospitality community, she experienced great difficulty with ambulating independently. Nearing her discharge, she was able to successfully walk
on her own! Jean thoroughly enjoyed her therapy. “They are very upbeat. The people in therapy are unbelievable. Rob went out of his way to watch over me while I was here.” During her stay she also enjoyed reading and talking with other patients and residents.

Jean was discharged to Elmcroft Assisted Living on December 5th, 2016 with Kettering Home Health for follow up support. She described her experience at Hospitality as,“It’s a very friendly atmosphere. I’ve never known a friendlier staff.” We wish Jean nothing but continued health and prosperity as she continues to thrive with the stellar team at Elmcroft Assisted Living.