Case Study: Hospitality Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (February 2017)

Patients Age: 62
Admission Date: 1/19/2017
Admitted From: Hillside Assisted Living
Discharge Date: 2/17/2017
Discharged To: Hillside Assisted Living
Length of Stay: 29 days
Reason for Stay: Physical therapy as recommended by Hillside Assisted Living
How did this patient hear about Hospitality? Nursing Supervisor at Hillside Recommendation

Details of Experience:

Ed joined our community when he arrived to Hospitality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on January 19th, 2017. He has been living at Hillside Assisted Living and it was recommended that he would benefit from physical and occupational therapy at Hospitality. Summer, the nursing supervisor at Hillside Assisted Living, recommended the community. Ed had generalized residual weakness that was present from his stroke in 2006. He was also having difficulty swallowing foods and liquids.

Upon admission, Ed spoke with the therapy team about gaining strength and mobility. “I would like to work on standing, balance, and walking with my cane. I want to learn how to best use my cane and wheelchair. I’ve lost function on my right side from a stroke in 2006. I want to build strength in my arms and see if I can get both arms equally strong. Ed’s intention for therapy was to return to Hillside with the ability of becoming more independent and stable with getting around. He had a wonderful first impression of the Hospitality community. “My impressions are high. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful.” He established a plan with his physical therapist, Rob, and his occupational therapist, Ruth. Speech therapy and the dietician were also able to create a plan that would ease him into a regular diet with restrictions.

In physical therapy, Rob worked on using the stairs, and adding more strength to his right side. He used the bike to increase range of motion in his right arm to try to make it equal to his left arm. “He was very motivated and always asked for things he could do on his own to improve,” said Rob. During his time in therapy, he increased his balance and was walking around the facility using his walker. He was also able to reach for things in his closet and get around his room with increased mobility. He had increased strength in both sides of his extremities. “I think it was a 180 turnaround. I was functioning at 50 percent with both arms and legs, now I feel like I am at 85 percent in strength and mobility. I can walk backwards. I haven’t done that since before my stroke.” He was also lifting 8 pound weights with his right arm. He wasn’t able to lift things like milk jugs at Hillside and now he has the strength to do so. He was also eating a regular diet without restrictions and didn’t have any problems with swallowing.

Ed was discharged back to his home at Hillside Assisted Living on February 17th, 2017. He was able to meet all the goals that he, Hillside, and Hospitality had set out for him. He enjoyed his stay at Hospitality, saying, “Everyone has been knocking it out of the park. I would rate everything a 10 out of 10. There is a total family atmosphere here, and outside of Hillside, this place is the best.” Team Hospitality was privileged to get to work with Ed and wishes him the best as he continues his care under Hillside.