Case Study: Hospitality Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (October 2016)

Patients Age: 47
Admission Date: 9/1/16
Admitted From: The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Discharge Date: 10/15/2016
Discharged To: Home with Guardian Angel Home Health
Length of Stay: 44 days
Reason for Stay: Spinal fusion surgery
How did this patient hear about Hospitality? Word of mouth from friend

Details of Experience:

Patient was admitted to Hospitality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on September 1, 2016 post spinal surgery. Prior to her surgery, she was unable to stand up straight or walk properly. She was also experiencing extreme amounts of back pain. When she arrived to Hospitality Center, her goals for therapy were, “to get around, be able to take care of myself, to be able to move around better and walk on my own.” When asked if she was able to walk before the surgery, she said, “yes, but it was very painful.” She started attending therapy several times a week. Her physical therapist, Rob, strived to normalize her gait pattern and assist in establishing endurance for walking. “She was walking poorly for years,” Rob said, “It took a while to correct her gait.”

They had her walking with a walker at first, but she was able to improve to transporting on her own. When asked about how she felt about the first weeks of therapy, she said, “It’s good. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do physical therapy, but I am improving and working hard. Wasn’t sure I could walk at all, but they have me up with their help.” In therapy, they worked on balance, pain management through electronic therapy and diathermy. She worked hard during her time in therapy. Within weeks, she was walking normally by herself without assistance. “She fought through the pain and gave 100 percent,” said Rob. When she was discharged, she was able to walk out of the building with her family. She is now able to participate in activities she couldn’t before. She discharged happy with her progress, October 15th, 2016.