Case Study: Oasis Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (May 2017)

Patients Age: 61
Admission Date:  1/13/17
Admitted From: St Elizabeth Hospital Main Campus
Discharge Date: 5/19/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 125 Days
Reason for Stay: Recovery from fall
How did this patient hear about Oasis? The Social Work Department at the St. Elizabeth

Details of Experience:

Lloyd Kennedy is a 61-year-old male who was admitted to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital with right shoulder pain s/p slip and fall from standing height in the bathroom. He lives independently in the Youngstown area in a one floor apartment.. Prior to admitting to the hospital, he used a can for neuropathy in his feet. He also had difficulty controlling his blood glucose due to his diabetes. Lloyd admitted to the hospital on 1/6/17 after his fall, shortly deciding to admit to Oasis Center once he was told that he would need additional therapy and skilled care. He admitted to our community on 1/13/17 with an admitting diagnosis of a fractured right shoulder and lower extremity surgery.

Lloyd Kennedy was a short-term resident here at Oasis Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. He admitted to our community on 1/13/17 following a complicated hospitalization for a right toe amputation and right humerus fracture following a fall at home. Initially, Lloyd was limited by the inability to bear weight through his right upper extremity and only partial weight bearing permitted to his right lower extremity, making ambulation for Mr. Kennedy quite difficult.

During his stay, Mr. Kennedy faced a great obstacle where he was unable to bear weight through his left leg due to the development of a blister, and because of his already limited weight-bearing precautions to his right side, he was forced to remain in his bed to allow optimal time for healing. Despite this minor setback, Mr. Kennedy kept good spirits and within a short period of time, he returned to participating in out of bed activities.

Mr. Kennedy progressed well throughout the rest of his stay. He was able to bear weight through his right upper extremity as he was independent with walking with a forward wheeled walker. On 5/18/17, Mr. Kennedy was discharged home with his family. Mr. Kennedy was a pleasure to work with. His positive attitude and good spirits are greatly missed.

Mr. Kennedy was discharged home with services being provided by Patriot Home Health for therapy and nursing. Also a forward wheeled walker was ordered for him to use at home.

“I would like to thank the staff at Oasis for making my stay here a pleasant one. I appreciate the care that I received while at Oasis. I feel that the overall care that I received was satisfactory and met my expectations.”
– Lloyd K