Case Study: Oasis Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (October 2016)

Patients Age: 62
Admission Date: 9/15/16
Admitted From: North Side Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/5/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 20 Days
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitative services for post abdominal surgery
How did this patient hear about Oasis? From Mary Butler, Marketing

Details of Experience:

At 62 years old, Larry required stints that were placed in his liver. In his words, “I was sick for a long time. I had some weakness on the right side of my body and needed therapy”. Larry never married and has no children. His girlfriend, Theresa, was supportive and visited him often during his recovery at Oasis Center. Larry had a smooth transition from North Side Hospital to Oasis Center on September 15th. His first impression of our community was a good one. He stated that he has heard a lot about Oasis Center and he was glad he decided to come to the facility for his care and therapy. Larry was very social and his fun, noticeable southern accent was pleasant.

His Tar Hill basketball tee shirt and love for NASCAR were also telling signs for his love of the South. His wish was to one-day return to North Carolina. When asked about his expectations of our rehabilitation services, he said he fell in love with them right away and did everything they asked of him. Larry rested in his room after therapy and enjoyed his meals. On October 5th, Larry discharged home, stronger and feeling so much better. Upon leaving Oasis Center, he told the staff, “This is a wonderful place.” Team Oasis wishes you the very best Larry and we hope you make it back to North Carolina.