Case Study: Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (April 2016)

Patients Age: 34
Admission Date: 1/4/16
Admitted From: Hospital
Discharge Date: 4/21/16
Discharged To: Health South
Length of Stay: 107 days
Reason for stay: Rehab-car accident
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Resident is a 34 year old female admitted from hospital for rehab. On 12/18/15, resident was in a head on collision at a high rate of speed resulting in a brain concussion, acute blood loss, left femur fx, right fibula fx, acute respiratory failure, pulmonary contusion,sternal fx, and multiple left and right rib fractures. Upon admission resident was unable to transfer self, walk, or perform her own self care. Throughout a lengthy rehab process here at Platinum Ridge, resident progressed to performing all self care tasks with distant supervision for safety and weakness. Resident able to perform self care tasks with independence.

Progressed to light homemaking skills with minimal assist. Patient was a pleasure to have with us here at Platinum Ridge. She was always positive and very determined. She had a lot of family support, and the love of her infant girl who visited her daily. She always gave a lot of positive feedback as to how much she liked it here. Resident able to transfer to Health South Rehab to increase her independence to return home.