Case Study: Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Feb 2015)

Patients Age: 87
Admission Date: 12/17/14
Admitted From: Allegheny Valley Hospital
Discharge Date: 2/25/14
Discharged To: Go Home
Length of Stay: 70 days
Reason for stay: pelvic fracture
How did this patient hear about Platinum Ridge? From family and friends (local in community) sister has been a long term resident in community

Patient came in to Platinum Ridge on 12/17/2014 from Allegheny Valley Hospital after suffering from a fall, resulting in a severe pelvic fracture that needed after care assistance do to her non weight bearing state. Resident stated during her admission survey that she would like a room close to her 90 year old sister, so when she is able to walk she can visit her. She stated” It seems very nice here and I hope to be up and about walking around soon, I know a lot of people on this floor either from work or school and I want to say hi.”

Resident assessment on 12/118 showed that she was scoring at a 50 on MBI charts. With this resident would manage but in a supportive environment. Needing assistance with activities of daily living by a number of community resources. Resident was able to walk prior to coming in and now needing a walker.

Resident was showing wonderful improvement but had to stop Physical Therapy do to her non weight bearing diagnosis, there wasn’t much she was able to do but rest and regain strength at this point but she showed great determination. Resident was out of bed a few moments at a time visiting with friends and family, but knew her limits and rested when needed.

By the time resident hit here half way assessment evaluation her MBI at a 64 meaning he was able to join community or home still needing assistance from community resources. So therapy continued working with resident and motivated her to continue in her efforts of walking with her walker and eventually her cane.