Case Study: Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (July 2015)

Patients Age: 87
Admission Date: 6/10/15
Admitted From: Allegheny Valley Hospital
Discharge Date: 7/7/15
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 28 days
Reason for stay: ORIF fractured left hip

Patient came to Platinum Ridge in an enormous amount of pain due to having surgery from a fractured left hip. When she first arrived she was evaluated by our therapy department and it was determined that she needed contact guard, maximum assististance with toileting, and she needed moderate assistance with transferring. Upon her admission evaluation, she scored a 57 for her modified barthal index and could only walk 15ft with a walker. Also, stairs were not her favorite. She was unable to climb any stairs upon admission. At first, going to physical therapy was rough for this patient because of the extent of her pain. She always managed to see through her pain and push herself to meet goals set on her own. She was also determined to become stronger and get back to the woman she was before her fall. Throughout her stay, she never let her pain get the best of her. She was always pleasant to everyone around her and enjoyed having company so she could talk about past times. As she become stronger and sturdier on her feet, she was changed from maximum assistance to minimal assistance and towards the end of her stay she became fully independent with her toileting and transfers. Upon completion of her therapy, this patient made a triumphant recovery and improved in all areas. She went from not being able to climb any stairs to being able to climb up 12 stairs. She also went from only walking 15ft with assistance with a walker to walking 250ft independently with a walker. She scored a 100 on her modified barthal index on her last day of therapy, which is the highest score you can attain. This patient also was able to walk 160ft for her 2 minute walk test that our therapy department does.

This patient really goes to show that being determined to overcome obstacles really goes a long way and should be an inspiration to us all.