Case Study: Platinum Ridge Center For Rehabilitation And Healing

Case Study
Community Name: Platinum Ridge
Patient’s Age: 70
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 17 days
Reason for Stay: Diabetic Ketoacidosis , UTI
How did this patient hear about Platinum Ridge?
AVH (hospital)

Details of Experience:
Doris Collins was admitted to Platinum Ridge on 9/11/14 following extended hospitalization secondary to U.T.I and encephalopathy which is a brain disorder that was holding her back from clear communication and recognitions of everyday functions.
Upon admissions Doris was exhibiting moderate to severe cognitive deficits as well as significant deficits in functional mobility requiring 24 hour supervision and care within this skilled nursing facility.
Resident required minimal assistance for transfers and was only able to walk 90 feet with the use of a rollator walker with minimal assistance and loss of balance. She was not able to do and steps and only able to stand for 1-3 minutes with support.
Resident required up to a maximum assistance for ADL’s upon admission and scored 0 inches on the functional reach test and exhibited moderate deficits in activity tolerance.
At discharge resident was only exhibiting mild cognitive impairment. Functionally Doris was walking up to 325 feet with rollator walker with distant supervision and was walking up and down greater than 15 steps. Resident was also able to stand for 6-9 minutes supported. Doris was able to do all her own ADLs independently and scored 9 inches on the Functional Reach Test.
Resident’s MBI started out at a 44 and ended at a 98 showing significant and outstanding improvement.
Followed up with resident and she answered the phone completely refreshed and happy. Doris stated that life at home is great, that currently dealing with a small cause of cataracts and trying to keep her diabetes under control but thanks Platinum Ridge for aiding in everything in her recovery.
Permission was granted to write this report by resident. Therapy Department as well as Nursing department is to thank for this success.