Case Study: Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (April 2017)

Patients Age: 84
Admission Date: 4/05/17
Admitted From: Allegheny Valley Hospital
Discharge Date:  4/22/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 17 Days
Reason for Stay: Rehab
How did this patient hear about Platinum Ridge? Hospital

Details of Experience:

Jean is an energetic 84-year-old woman that arrived to Platinum Ridge Rehabilitation after being hospitalized due to a fall at home and a decline in her mobility. Jean shared that after her fall she had pain in her left hip and shoulder, but luckily her x-ray was negative for a fracture. Jean said her goal here was to decrease her pain and be able to walk on her own again so she could return home with her son.

When Jean arrived she was in very good spirits. She loved to tell her life story of how she was in the healthcare field being a CNA for many years. She said that she loved working with the elderly and it was quite apparent as she was very protective of her roommate here at Platinum Ridge. Her roommate loved the extra attention that Jean showed as an incredible bond had formed between the two.

Prior to her hospital stay, Jean was able to independently walk around her home with a wheeled walker. She was able to complete transfers on her own as well. Jean stated that she was able to lightly bathe and able to complete light cleaning and meal prep since having her hip replaced. She was also able to complete toileting and dressing on her own prior to her admission.

Initially, Jean complained of hip and shoulder pain that impaired her ability to walk and transfer, requiring minimal assistance with completing sit-to-stand transfers, and she was only able to walk up to 15 feet with a wheeled walker. She also required contact guard assist (patient requires a hand in support to maintain balance but no true assist needed) for toileting and lower body dressing.

Jean completed both physical and occupational therapy service to work on increasing her strength, balance, and endurance as well as to decrease her pain in the left shoulder and hip for her to be able to return to her prior level of functioning. Jean completed strengthening with weights on both arms and leg exercises, which improved her ability to transfer and walk with her wheeled walker with less assistance. Jean also completed activities to support her endurance and balance to simulate home management tasks such as light cleaning and meal prep. In addition, she worked on stair climbing with the hope to ascend and descend her steps at home.

While at Platinum Ridge, Jean attended therapy five times per week for three weeks. Upon conclusion of her therapy services, she was able to complete all transfers from the chair, toilet, and bed. She was also able to walk with her wheeled walker up to 200 feet with improved balance and gait speed. She was able to ascend and descend five steps with a handrail. Jean is now also able to complete toileting, bathing, and dressing independently!

While here at Platinum Ridge, Jean was very motivated and easy going, always willing to go to therapy bright and early. Jean will do very well at home with her son. We wish her the best! Keep on smiling, Jean!