Case Study: Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Dec 2014)

Patients Age: 70
Admission Date: 11/16/14
Admitted From: Allegheny Valley Hospital
Discharge Date: 12/14/14
Discharged To: home
Length of Stay: 4 weeks
Reason for stay: knee joint replacement , anxiety and depressive disorder
How did this patient hear about Platinum Ridge? AVH

Details of Experience:
Patient came in to Platinum Ridge on 11/16/14 from Allegheny Valley Hospital after having knee joint replacement surgery. Resident was also diagnosed with depression and anxiety.
Resident assessment on 11/17 showed that he was scoring at a 49 on MBI chart. With this resident would manage but in a supportive environment. Needing assistance with activities of daily living by a number of community resources.
This resident was very quiet and stayed to himself when he first came in to our community, but after a few days once he was up and about moving around in therapy he was speaking to staff more. Smiling more and requesting for people to come in and chat with him in his room always a good sign in complete recovery.
By the time resident hit his half way assessment evaluation his MBI was now at a 62 meaning he was able to join community or home still needing assistance from community resources.
By the end of his stay here at Platinum resident was deemed completely perfect to go home without any supervision in fact he was able to live independently in home or community.
Resident was now able to stand independently, walk 300 ft alone, and stand beyond 3-5 without help.
Platinum Ridge would like to thank our Physical therapy department and nursing department for resident’s wonderful recovery.
I followed up with resident and he stated that he is doing fabulous and signed up for extra therapy to do outside his home to stay moving instead of just sitting around. He mentioned how he misses everyone here and that he greatly appreciated all the care and help he received while here at Platinum Ridge. His goal is to have a healthy New Year and said that we have helped him in the right direction. Permission to use this resident for report was granted.