Case Study: Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (March 2017)

Patients Age: 68 days
Admission Date: 3/14/17
Admitted From: Allegheny Valley Hospital
Discharge Date: 3/23/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 10 Days
Reason for Stay: Rehab/ Antibiotic IV Therapy
How did this patient hear about Platinum Ridge? Allegheny Valley Hospital

Details of Experience:

Joseph “Joe” was a happy, pleasant 68-year-old male who arrived to Platinum Ridge in seek of therapeutic services after a hospitalization for right leg cellulitis. Joe shared that he had cats that liked to, “gaze out of the window and watch the birds.” While sitting on his lap one day, one of the cats got excited to see a bird and jumped off his lap, scratching his right upper thigh in the process. He stated his leg soon began to swell, turn red, and became painful when he was diagnosed with cellulitis. Joe was then later admitted to the ER where they sent him home with an IV antibiotic, but stated he had several issues while at home. Joe said the IV site began to leak and he also had a hard time managing the line while at home with many questions on how to care for himself. He shared that he was happy to come to a place that could provide the care he needed since he was unsure what he was doing. Joe was admitted to Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation & Healing to receive IV antibiotics as well as access to therapy for decreased ability to walk at home in result of the infection.

Prior to the incident, Joe was able to walk with a wheeled walker as well as complete transfers and mobility independently. He received Meals on Wheels 5x a week and was able to complete light cooking. Joe said he was able to do his own laundry, but with some difficulty as he would walk with a wheeled walker and push the basket with his foot to the washer. Joe said he had great support from friends, one of which assisted him to the bathroom when he needed it. He also had other friends that would escort him to doctor appointments. When Joe began physical therapy, he required stand by assist for transfers, sit-to-stand and stand turn pivot with a wheeled walker (Stand-by Assist requires the therapist to be within hands reach while completing mobility when resident has decreased balance). Joe was able to walk with a wheeled walker up to 15 feet before needing to sit due to increased lower back pain. Joe also required supervision (resident required cueing to complete) for upper body dressing and maximum assistance with toileting.

Joe received physical and occupational therapy for seven days. During this time he received ultrasound treatment for both hands as well as completed upper body strengthening exercises. Joe also worked on toileting, dressing, and bathing using adaptive equipment as needed to make completing these tasks easier with less pain and expelled energy. He was educated on how to complete transfers with increased ease as well as support on gait and stair training to be able to return home safely.

Joe was able to use up to 4lbs with leg exercises at discharge and he was able to complete all functional transfers. He was able to walk up to 200ft with a wheeled walker. Joe received a rollator at discharge as well as home health services for therapy set up to assess further needs at home. While at Platinum Ridge, Joe shared how wonderful it was that the community had a Concierge Program and how helpful that it was. Not only did he stress how he welcomed the daily visits, but how comforting it made him feel that someone took his questions and concerns personally. Joe stated that he would recommend Platinum Ridge Rehabilitation for anyone needing it. Joe was only with us a short period of time, but he was able to make great gains towards his independence to be able to return home safely.