Case Study: Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Nov 2014)

Patients Age: 80
Admission Date: 8/26/14
Admitted From: Allegheny Valley Hospital
Discharge Date: 11/1/14
Discharged To: home
Length of Stay: 4 weeks 5 days (33 days)
Reason for Stay: perforated Bowel, Traumatic fracture other bone, Chronic kidney disease, muscle weakness
How did this patient hear about Platinum Ridge?
Referral from hospital social worker in AVH.

Details of Experience:
Patient came into Platinum Ridge on 8/26/14 with muscle weakness, a perforated bowel, and chronic kidney disease. Upon admission resident would sleep for a long period of time and when able to wake up resident denied being in any pain but was just very tired. When resident was up she was up and alert with few moments of forgetfulness. Resident was reported to have a poor appetite for breakfast or lunch but a good appetite at supper, eating everything that was given to her with no complaints. There was a moment in the beginning of her recovery that resident refused to wake up and go to therapy.

Resident started off at maximum assist for therapy on 8/29/14. Resident was walking 0Ft upon evaluation, was unable to go up or down steps and unable to stand for any period of time.

Nearing 10/26/14 resident began to show much improvement. Though she was sent out 3 times a week for dialysis she still did exceptionally well in her therapy. Resident was doing her exercises great with supervision, being able to walk 250ft with supervision, standing with assistance 1-3 minutes, and going up to 8 steps with support. I would visit this resident and every time she would greet me with a smile and always a positive attitude toward everything especially her therapy. Resident stated that with every day of therapy she could feel as if she was getting strong.

By the end of the resident’s months stay here at Platinum Ridge, resident was deem perfect to go home independently or to a community living. Resident was now able to walk 300 feet alone, and stand beyond 3-5 minutes without help.

Physical therapy department as well as nursing department are to thank for this resident’s wonderful recovery here from Platinum Ridge.

I followed up with niece and she stated resident was fine up until recently where resident fell outside on ice and was admitted to the hospital Monday. Permission to used resident in report was granted by resident’s niece.