Case Study: Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (September 2016)

Patients Age: 48
Admission Date: 9/6/16
Admitted From: UPMC St. Margarets Hospital
Discharge Date: 9/23/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 18 days
Reason for stay: Lumbar radiculopathy
How did this patient hear about Platinum Ridge? UPMC St. Margarets Hospital

Tammy came to us here at Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation & Healing status post lumbar radiculopathy with a herniated disc. Prior to that she had a spinal fusion of the L-4 L-5 and noted decompression. Upon arrival, patient stated increased pain in her bilateral lower extremities, inability to stand for long periods of time and decreased endurance. Patient displayed favoring right side of body and bearing all weight on left side. Throughout her stay, Tammy demonstrated increasing independence and decreasing pain. Tammy was also hesitant about joining the activities that were being offered with the mindset that they were only for the older residents.

Once she began feeling less pain and the ability to ambulate better she decided to attend a wreath making class and shared that she really enjoyed it! Upon discharge, Tammy reported no right leg pain and demonstrated no related symptoms. Tammy completed all activities of daily living (ADL) with setup preparation. Tammy was able to ambulate 225 feet with a rolling walker and modified independence. Patient expressed increased comfort, decreased pain and increased independence with all activities! We are happy to say with such great care and rehabilitation therapy that she received with our team that she was able to be safely discharged home.