Case Study: The Rehabilitation Center at Jupiter Gardens (July 2016)

Patients Age: 71
Admission Date: 2/3/16
Admitted From: Jupiter Medical Center
Discharge Date: 5/12/16
Discharged To: LTC G. Jupiter Gardens awaiting transfer to ALF
Length of Stay: 99 Days
Reason for Stay: Seizures

Details of Experience:

Elaine came to Jupiter Gardens unable to get out of bed without assistance, unable to feed herself and required extensive assistance for her ADLS, Elaine was able to progress over three months with a lot of hard work and determination and is now able to get out of bed independently, transfer and walk with a walker. She baths, dresses and feeds independently. Elaine decided to stay with us permanently but has recently realized due to the progress she has made that an ALF may be more appropriate for her.

Elaine gives everybit of the credit to the Physical Therapy Department at Jupiter Gardens, “as far as I am concerned, this facility saved my life.” If the staff asked me to do an exercise ten (10) times, would do it twenty (20) times. I appreciate the therapy, the nursing, dietary and all the friendly staff that has been there for me for the last six (6) months. One thing I have learned and I will take away with me from the experience I have had here, is…I WILL NEVEREVER AGAIN USE THE WORDS “CAN’T or