Case Study: Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (June 2015)

Patients Age92
Admission Date: 6/09/15
Admitted From: Mercy Hospital
Discharge Date: 7/01/15
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 22 days
Reason for Stay: Physical/Occupation Rehab after fall
How did this patient hear about Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation & Healing? Resident heard of Squirrel Hill center for Rehabilitation and Healing through a current staff member of the community/family friend.

Resident arrived at Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on June 6, 2015.
This resident was hospitalized after suffering a fall at home while reaching for a television remote. This severe fall resulted in a fractured clavicle, fractured right hip, and multiple fractured ribs. These fractures left this particular resident in a non-ambulatory state and therefore resulted in immediate need for skilled sub-acute physical rehabilitation and nursing care at Squirrel Hill Center.
Upon admission the resident was evaluated by the onsite physical rehabilitation team. Personal rehabilitative goals were discussed in depth and the best possible care plan to meet this residents needs was developed by the team. This resident stated that she wanted to work towards a successful discharge to home within a one month period so that she would be able to continue enjoying time with her family and grandchildren.
As the resident had received severe fractures throughout her body a hard shell back brace was applied to alleviate further damage, minimize pain levels, and assist in the overall healing process of the fractured areas. The resident was also provided a wheelchair to assist with ambulation until the rehabilitation process was complete.
Minor exercises were first utilized by therapists with this resident to determine her starting level of mobility and strength.
Therapists worked closely as the resident initially performed lower extremity mat exercises and various occupational strengthening exercises. These physical and occupational exercises were targeted at regaining lost balance, leg strength, and arm strengthening as well.
After it was deemed that the resident could safely and properly perform minor exercises physical and occupational therapy continued on to more intense rehabilitation which included utilization of steps, strengthening machinery, and walking hand-held assist. The resident also worked on and successfully completed safety awareness training with the facilities occupational therapy department to ensure various household tasks could be safely completed such as toileting, cooking, laundering of clothing, and other aspects of personal household maneuvering.
After approximately 22 days of varying levels of physical and occupational therapy this resident was now able to discharge to home. Fractures sustained during her fall had healed immensely and the resident was now able to walk semi-independently to independently.
Not only was this resident able to return home in a stronger and healthier state but after intense dedication she had also been able to meet her personal goal of returning to home to her loved ones within the 1 month period, with 8 days to spare.

*This Resident gave consent for these details of her successful rehabilitation journey to be shared.