Case Study: Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation & Healing (August 2016)

Patients Age: 60 years
Admission Date: 2/19/16
Admitted From: UPMC Mercy
Discharge Date: Anticipated 8/3/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 562 at discharge
Reason for Stay: Unspecified Paraplegia
How did this patient hear about Squirrel Center? Doctor recommendation

Details of Experience:

Resident arrived at our facility following a 29 day hospital stay and treatment for a spinal infection. The infection left him unable to move his limbs and totally dependent on staff for his care. A secondary diagnosis during his recover time here resulted in a spinal surgery to regain some of his mobility.

At the time of evaluation eight months ago by our new in house therapy team the resident was totally depend for care, unable to ambulate and required a hoyer lift for transfer into his wheelchair. Physical therapy began with sitting at the edge of the bed, progressed to a stand and pivot and walking with use of a walker for short distances with staff supervision. As his independence progressed, his mood was also visibly improved. He was able to increase his walking to a distance of 300 feet with requiring only visual supervision.

Resident graduated from our therapy program last week and will happily be returning to live with his family in three days. He will have use of both a personalized electric wheelchair for outings as well as a walker for use in home or for short distances when he discharges. Our social workers have worked closely with him during his stay and in preparation for discharge so that he can receive follow-up appointments, outpatient therapy and in home and service needed.