Case Study: Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Jan 2015)

Patients Age: 73 Years Old
Admission Date: 1/14/15
Admitted From: UPMC Presby Hospital
Discharge Date: 1/28/15
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 14 Days
Reason for Stay: Physical Rehabilitation after incident regarding black ice
How did this patient hear about Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing?
This patient has received care at Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing previously. Resident suggested to SW Joyce Rossi at UPMC Presby that she return for continuum of care.

This patient arrived at Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on January 14, 2015.
This patient in particular had come to the facility in the past for care after surgeries’ and to meet personal rehabilitation needs.

This most recent admission to Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing was due to an incident involving slipping on black ice while on the way to the grocery store, resulting in a fall and mild injury to her legs and head.

Shortly after arriving the patient stated,”They treat you with respect here. Like I said before; this is the only place I told the doctors I would come to for my rehab.”

In regards to her rehabilitation, the patient was clear on her expectations, stating, “I expect them to help me with walking, lifting, and my speech. I know they will. They always make me wanna work hard and get me well.”

Regions of the patient’s body to be targeted for therapy were her legs primarily (Due to unsteadiness), her arms (for general strengthening), and her speech (resident believed that her fall had brought back some slight symptoms of a prior stroke.)

Physical therapists worked with the patient on her gait, guiding her back and forth through the facilities rehab gym, extensive utilization of a bike to tone and build leg muscle, development of an individualized work out using pulley strengthening routines for her arms, and also supervising her when walking unassisted. Patient also worked strengthening on her speech with therapists. All of the patient’s rehabilitation goals and expectations were met by the team of therapists at Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing.

During her free time the patient enjoyed working on crossword puzzles in her room, conversing with her roommate, partaking in a variety of healthy complimentary snacks, and watching various television programs.
14 days following admission it was declared by doctors and the therapy team at Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing that the patient could safely and successfully return home.

The patient was congratulated on her short but effective therapeutic journey, advised to watch out for black ice in the future and was presented by staff with a pair of tennis shoes and snow boots for use when home. The patient noted positive interaction with many staff members during her stay, including Nursing staff, patient Therapists. Nursing Aides, Concierge, and Housekeeping Staff.

Upon her discharge interview the patient stated that she would keep in touch with the facility and added, “I always tell people good things about it here. I’d always recommend it. If you have somewhere to go for physical therapy and care this is the place to go.”

*Patient gave consent for her success story to be shared.