Case Study
Community Name: St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center
Patient’s Age: 31
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 55 Days
Reason for Stay: Failure to thrive
How did this patient hear about St James Rehabilitation?
Hospital SW

Details of Experience:
Piotr was admitted after suffer spinal injury from a motorcycle accident. He was admitted very depressed and overwhelmed from the situation. After much work with social work and support from the nurses and therapists, he finally felt ready to be able to head back home. Piotr was a T8 spinal cord injury paralyzing him from the trunk down. When he was discharged from the facility he was dressing independently, Self catheterizing,, transferring to and from the toilet and shower chair. Bed , and car from his w/c independently. He was independent in w/c mobility popping wheelies, negotiating curbs, and uneven surfaces outside the building. At the time of d/c he was working on getting from the floor back into his w/c which he had not mastered yet., however he was able dismantle his w/c removing leg rests, wheels and folding it up, independently in order to prepare for getting into a car independently.