Patients Age: 80 Years old
Admission Date: 11/14/14
Admitted From: SBUH
Discharge Date: 2/20/15
Discharged To: Sunrise Assisted Living
Length of Stay: 98 Days
Reason for Stay: Struck by Vehicle

Mrs. Rigas was admitted to St. James Healthcare Center after a two month stay at SBUH. She arrived to the facility with multiple fractures, due to a tragic accident, including: the pelvis, the right humerus, the left wrist, the right tibia/fibula, the second to the tenth rib, and right SI joint. Due to the extent of her injuries she was unable to feed herself, perform ADLs, or apply weight to her legs; she was totally dependent on staff. She attended PT and OT six times a week to improve her strength, endurance, balance, self care, and ambulation. Each day she made small gains to reach her goals. Due to her compliance with her medication, attendance in therapy, and positive perspective, she reached her goals and exceeded all expectations. Upon her discharge to assisted living; she was able to perform activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene with minimal assistance; she was also able to ambulate 300 feet with a rolling walker and one person to assist her.