Patients Age: 64
Admission Date: 10/29/15
Admitted From: Acute care Hospital-HVHC
Discharge Date: 11/24/15
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 13 Days
Reason for Stay: Hip Replacement
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Details of Experience:
The patient was admitted to Cortlandt Healthcare on October 30, 2015 after being hospitalized for a right total hip replacement. Upon evaluation of physical and occupational thearpy it was assessed that the patient was limited with her overall upper and lower body strength, right lower extremity range of motion and required extensive assist with all of her functional activities. The patient was also limited by significant pain in the right hip. With all the data gathered, all disciplines (PT/OT and nursing) developed an interdisciplinary care plan with goals/ interventions that would help reduce the pain and return her back home at her prior level of function. After two weeks of skilled physical and occupational therapy and skilled nursing the patient was pain free and independent with all her activities of daily living.

Physician Services: Patient Stated, “Overall for most part fantastic.”
Concierge Services: Patient Stated “Been a pleasure, above and beyond with all my complaining you still came back every time with a smile, and I have seen all the grief you get and you always have a smile on.”