Patients Age: 81
Admission Date: 02/01/2016
Admitted From: Acute care hospital
Discharge Date: 05/02/2016
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 3 months
Reason for Stay: Pneumonia, COPD and Urinary Tract Infection
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Details of Experience:

J.Halvorsen was admitted to Cortlandt Healthcare on 2/1/2016 with Diagnosis of Pneumonia, COPD and Urinary Tract Infection. She was then discharged to the hospital on 2/17 and returned on 2/25. She was admitted with CO2 retention. Mrs. Halvorsen was at an independent level prior to her admission and lived alone with her husband. Pt had been on 02 for 2 years prior to this admission and was able to manage her own 02 and all activities of daily living. Pt was admitted at a Mod A level with all which means she needed help with everything. Since February Mrs Halvorsen has progressed in all areas and will discharge to home with her husband. This success is due to many people in her family. Mrs Halvorsen receives Pt from Karen Chase and Ot from San Ambrey. She is also seen 3x a week by our exercise physiologist Matt Hahn and our respiratory therapist Sue. Mrs Halvorsen’s family has made themselves very educated in their mother’s care and are present at the facility on a daily basis. A full home evaluation was done by Occupational Therapist Sean Ambrey on April 13th with the family to assure the family of a safe discharge to home.

Recommendations were made and all changes have been done. Mrs. Halvorsen will discharge home within the next 2 weeks with her husband using a Rolling walker, m 2 liters of 02, a shower chair, safety bars on the shower and a shower seat. She will be discharged at a stand by assist level. Family is aware of all Patients needs.