Patients Age: 49
Admission Date: 1/8/16
Admitted From: FCRNC
Discharge Date:
Discharged To:
Length of Stay: 143 days
Reason for stay: Short Term Rehab for strengthening upper, core muscle and functional training at wheelchair level and ADLs.
How did this patient hear about the Emerald Peek? Family member lived locally and was familiar with exceptional care provided at facility.

Resident was admitted to The Emerald Peek with the following diagnoses: R epididymitis/orchitis and recent history of bilateral below to knee amputee, decrease in bed mobility, transfers, sitting/standing balance, gait/amputation and requires prosthetic assessment. Resident lived with family in an apartment complex in the community before the amputation for 8 months prior to admission. His goals were to get better and be able to take care of himself. Where other rehabilitation centers saw no potential for the necessary cognitive, psychological and physical improvements needed to be a candidate for prostheses, the Rehabilitation team at The Emerald Peek did. Our Therapy team pushed the resident to reach goals he never thought possible and worked closely with Dennis and Todd from The Walking School, who counseled the resident and advised him of the opportunity for prostheses. Our Director of Rehabilitation Services was tireless in advocating with the resident’s insurance provider to ensure the resident’s prostheses were fully covered by insurance. The resident has shown great physical, emotional and social improvement since the use of the prostheses.