Patients Age: 82
Admission Date: 7/7/16
Admitted From: Good Samaritan Hospital
Discharge Date: 9/3/16
Discharged To: Ramapo Manor
Length of Stay: 59 Days
Reason for Stay: COPD and Pneumonia
How did this patient hear about Ramapo Manor?

Details of Experience:
82 year old male patient came to Ramapo Manor over a month ago with a diagnosis of severe COPD and Pneumonia. He was on 4 liters of oxygen, and he was unable to walk for more than 10 feet without severe desaturations and falls. He could not go to the bathroom without O2 and would fall onto the bed upon return and his saturations would drop into the 70% range. He was given longer oxygen tubing to use in bathroom which helped greatly. We began Pulmonary Rehab and eventually started walking over 500ft without oxygen. He only uses O2 when short of breath or at night. He does not use it during walking and has no reduced saturations. He has cleared all secretions with help of the Incentive Spiro meter and his lungs are clear. He improved his episodes of anxiety with pursed lip breathing and relaxation techniques. He has learned how to recover from panic and shortness of breath episodes on his own. Ramapo Manor has given him his life back and now is able to return home and live without oxygen and able to walk again. Thank you so much to the whole rehab and nursing team at Ramapo. You do amazing work and the staff is excellent and has helped him so much.