Patients Age: 95 Years
Admission Date: 5/11/16
Admitted From:St Joseph Medical Center
Discharge Date: 8/16/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay 100 Days
Reason for Stay: Pelvis Fracture

Adelaide was admitted to Sans Souci from Saint Joseph Medical Center on May 11, 2016 with a diagnosis of closed fracture pubis, left closed distal end of radius status post fall, seizure disorder, dehydration, at risk for skin break down, and continuous O2 via NC 2L. When the Rehabilitation Department assessed Adelaide, she had new onset of decrease in strength, decrease in functional mobility, dependent on transfers, reduced ADL participation, reduced balance and decreased coordination placing patient at risk for falls and further decline in function. The first three weeks of Adelaide’s stay had her bed ridden and her unable to perform any activities at Rehab. She was fully dependent for all of her ADL’S, as she was non-weight bearing for her upper extremities. When the great news came down that Adelaide can start going to Rehab, she started to show signs of great improvement. With great family support and the support of our amazing Therapy team, Adelaide was ready to be discharged from Therapy. At the present time Adelaide only requires supervision for ADL completion. She also ambulates with supervision using Rollator and doesn’t require continues oxygen for ADL performance. What a remarkable recovery for Adelaide and Sans Souci is blessed to be a part of this amazing story!