Patients Age: 82
Admission Date: 7/29/16
Discharge Date: 12/27/16
Length of Stay: 151 Days
Reason for Stay: Fall at home acquiring a vertebral burst fracture
How did this patient hear about the Grand Pavilion? Family tour of Grand Pavilion

Details of Experience:

Miss Elizabeth Gioe, better known as “Bette”, is a compassionate, kind-hearted individual who always interacts with her peers. She enjoys trivia, where she is known as “the trivia queen” at The Grand Pavilion. She loves her infamous red jacket that means so very much to her. She is a talented dancer and loves to listen to a variety of music genres. She also wouldn’t let you walk by her without telling you about her favorite sports teams.

Miss Gioe was admitted to our community from Orzac Rehabilitation on July 29th, 2016. She had fallen and suffered from a vertebral burst fracture in addition to a spinal cord compression. Upon admission, she experienced abnormalities of her gait and mobility as well as chronic pain and shortness of breath. Being incapable of moving due to muscle weakness and becoming exhausted or short-of-breath has made her functions of daily living seem impossible. Physical obstacles weren’t the only thing that impeded her rehabilitation journey, but depression also largely played a major role in her day-to-day activities.

Although Bette has faced many diagnoses that not anyone could overcome, she pushed herself and achieved the goals she set forth. Participating in the many therapies offered within our community and keeping her mind occupied has helped Miss Gioe come out on top and be able to return to her prior level of functioning. She stated that, “In the beginning of my journey I didn’t see this day so clear, but with the help of every staff member and the encouragement of the different teams it is possible that I am returning to my home. I couldn’t be happier or more thankful.” It has been hard work, but Bette’s drive to succeed and ambition to achieve has kept her going.

Over the course of Miss Gioe’s stay here at The Grand Pavilion, she has shown that if you put your mind to something it can be achieved. With the guidance and support of the entire interdisciplinary team at The Grand Pavilion, Miss Gioe now requires less assistance than she did upon admission. She is now more independent in her everyday living functions. Her increased mobility has supported her outlook on life, improving her once depressive mindset. We would like to wish Miss Bette the best of luck and to remember to always keep reaching for the stars. It was a pleasure to have her as a part of our family here and her smile will be missed.